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Public Relations in Fargo, ND Left-brain analysis. Right-brain creativity. We combine them to evolve powerful long-term strategies. All our recommendations to our customers are located on our strategic approach. Tight integration of your strategy throughout every avenue of communication means every element works harder and delivers more. In short, the answer to why is more. More services, more expertise, more results. Your advertising and marketing consultant will play a huge role in the future of your firm. It's a huge decision. Make it a smart one.

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read moreOdney was founded in 1985 on the premise that good advertising creates awareness, but effective advertising influences, moves, motivates, blows up perceptions, connects people to your brand and persuades them to choose you. And as we've grown and diversified our portfolio of communications services, we've learned how to apply that fundamental purpose to all we do. Our 30-year success comes from being smart. We do our homework. We use research to understand markets, develop effective messages and plan smart strategies.
read moreWe have a saying at Odney: "Creative isn't effective unless it sells." We're in the business of persuasion, so we don't get points just for having great design or witty copy. Our advertising is only effective if it helps you achieve your goals. Let us implement smart strategies that will help you succeed and get you the best results. Learn more about our advertising capabilities. To achieve great results, you need the right message in front of the right audience at the right time and nothing signifies this better than a well-planned digital media campaign.
read moreWe persuade, in fact, persuasion is in our DNA. Our award-winning team of more than 30 specialists has the expertise you need to effectively communicate your compelling message and influence how your target audience thinks and acts. We use traditional and new media to connect people to your services in a way that causes them to choose you over all others.
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