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Massage Therapist in Akron, OH
Massage Therapist in Akron, OH At Ohio Pain & Rehab Specialists, our primary mission is to assist relieve symptoms and get patients back on the road to recovery. We do this by delivering the most up-to-date treatments available. Our unique combination of doctors and services supplies both a conventional and alternative medicine approach to both diagnosis and treatment. We encourage patients to be involved - to aid establish realistic aims timelines for their recovery.

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Akron, OH
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Ohio Rehab Center
read moreOur specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation. This means we are Specialists in treating a wide range of problems, from sore shoulders and backs to spinal cord injuries and strokes. We treat both acute and chronic pain problems as well as a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. Our primary goals are restoring function and improving quality of life. Ohio Pain & Rehab Specialists are interested in being more than just your physicians. We want to be your partners in health, whether you're a patient or a referring health care provider.
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read moreYou can order Dr. Pellegrino's book by calling Ohio Pain & Rehab Specialists at 1-800-529-7500.
Physical Medicine
read morePhysical Medicine is a unique field of medicine which aims to restore function and improve quality of life for those who suffer from various pain problems or other conditions interfering with ability. A physician who specializes in Physical Medicine is known as a Physical Medicine Specialist or a Physiatrist. Physical Medicine (also called PM&R or Physiatry) is a distinct medical specialty with a governing board. Physical Medicine Specialists complete a four year residency program and may opt for additional training in a subspecialty.
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