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Video Production in Miami, FL A global court reporting, legal video services, video conference services and litigation solutions firm. Olender Reporting is the Litigator's Solution. Accurate. Trustworthy. On-time, all the time. Olender Reporting has distinguished itself as the premier supplier of court reporting, legal video, video conferencing and litigation solutions for more than thirty five years, in your city and around the world. Individual service and 100% customer satisfaction are what we provide. Olender Reporting is here to support you and your case.

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About Us
read moreOlender Legal Solutions has been in business for over 35 years. Let Olender Legal Solutions help you Schedule a Court Reporter in Miami We are a full-service court reporting, legal video and litigation solutions company. Olender Legal Solutions is a Live Note Certified Partner and Certified Multimedia Expert. Call 866-420-4020 or schedule online to schedule a court reporter for your next event. Olender Legal Solutions understands that depositions are the real battleground for most cases. Let us assist you with leading technologies to give you a winning advantage for your case.
Trial Presentation
read moreOlender Legal Solutions is a NCRA Certified Trial Professional. We employ TrialDirector as our main presentation software, while seamlessly integrating several proprietary software titles into the mix. You can rely on us to create a digital database to manage voluminous content before and during trial, lending the ability to access any image or document with a simple key stroke or two. We partner with our clients throughout all aspects of the case. We will discuss the best presentation tools to match the volume of documents and type of materials you need to present.
Subpoena Services Miami
read moreOur Legal Team understands the Florida legal system and can provide you with pre-litigation support. In civil procedure, during the discovery phase of litigation, a party to a lawsuit may request the other party to provide copies of documents pertaining to the subject matter of the case. Proper procedure calls for a Notice of Intent to Serve Subpoena to give the other party a chance to object the request. According to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure 1.351, if no objection is made by the party, the next step would be a subpoena for the production of documents (subpoena duces tecum).
Interpreter Services
read moreOlender Legal Solutions is a global litigation solutions company that offers international court reporting services. Along with our international affiliate, Reitz Worldwide, we will provide you with a professional interpreter that will support you in your international depositions, hearings and arbitration all around the world. Our interpreters are certified and have many years of experience working in courtrooms, depositions, conferences, medical examinations and with video. We select an interpreter that is not only accurate and professional, but also one that is familiar with the common culture of a particular location.
Travel Team
read moreOur team of Legal Videographers have a wealth of experience and energy and leap at the chance for International assignments, specializing in working alone or as a tag team. We have vast experience outside of the United States and can help you to faciliate a trouble free trip. Olender Legal Solutions is a LiveNote Certified Partner and Certified Multimedia Expert.
Legal Documentaries
read moreIn virtually every serious injury case, a day-in-the-life documentary should be presented to the jury. This dramatic video will be the most dynamic and momentous evidence your jury will see. A well-prepared day-in-the-life documentary should strongly and accurately convey the lifelong physical and emotional pain and suffering that cannot be expressed through mere words alone. In serious injury cases, these documentaries are used to present the healthy and happy life of the plaintiff before the debilitating injury.
Schedule Depositions in Miami
read moreNeed to schedule depositions in Miami? We can provide you with the best court reporters in Miami and South Florida. Olender Legal Solutions has reporters with over 35 years of experience in South Florida. Working with Olender Legal Solutions means having all of the variables seamlessly coordinated and the quality controlled to the highest standards. From coordinating the deposition logistics, to providing the onsite service delivery, to handling the post-production of your transcripts, exhibits and video, we have the staff and expertise to ensure your total satisfaction.
Hearings & Trials
read moreCall Olender Legal Solutions to schedule your hearing or trial today. Olender Legal Solutions specializes in hearings and trials and can provide you with a last minute reporter for your court matter. Olender Legal Solutions is a LiveNote Certified Partner and specializes in realtime trials. As your Certified Trial Director Trainer, we can assist you with your trial presentations as well. We are considered experts in handling arbitrations, hearings and trials. No matter where your event is held, we'll travel there at no extra cost with an onsite production team to ensure the top-notch court reporting service you deserve.
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