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Musical Instruments in Philadelphia, PA The piano is the king of all musical instruments and supplies us with an exceptional pleasure, whether we're the listener or the pianist. The piano has the capability to add a special element to our lives, individually and as a family. Piano music can evoke memories of the past, exhilaration in the present or the joy of holidays.

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read morePlease go to the Maintenance Tips, and Piano Talk pages for care guidelines and terminology to assist you in communicating with your technician. If you require further information regarding our service or wish to set an appointment, please feel free to contact the office by phone or email your request to
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read moreThe movement discussed above not only affects the ‘sound' produced by the strings, but also the ‘performance' of the entire action, keyboard and pedal movements on any piano. The age of the instrument and prior maintenance practices will also have a bearing on how it performs. Each key requires several actions to take place between your touch and the moment the hammer strikes the string. To perform optimally, each key and all the action parts between it and the string must be in ‘regulation', or working as a team.
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read moreYou are probably aware that warranties are a game of numbers in which the guarantor assumes a risk for a certain period of time. The above procedures have provided Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations with limited exposure to risk. That is why, in almost four decades, we have had no problem providing a guarantee, which is in some cases, three times the normal warranty provided by the original manufacturer for a new instrument. While you are here, please take a moment to see a a finely restored grand or take a look at work-in-progress in our Gallery.
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