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Carpets & Rugs in Roseville, CA Our Gallery contains over 8, 000 rugs including antiques and new creations. Each rug in the showroom has been hand knotted by an personal weaver, allowing the artisan to completely interpret the rug design. Please visit the Rug Selection page to view just a several of these amazing designs. Mansour's is considered one of the country's foremost authorities on fine Oriental carpets. He and his team take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge with his customers. Mansour's believes in providing an extensive collection of heirloom-quality carpets at reasonable prices along with 1st-class client service.

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1113 Galleria Boulevard
Roseville, CA
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Oriental Rug Gallery
read moreSince 1979, Mansour's Oriental Rug Gallery has offered our clientele and designers the finest of new and antique Oriental and Persian rugs available. Located in Roseville and Sacramento, our stores carry the largest selection of rugs in Northern California. Our customers trust us to select handmade rugs that will not only grace their homes, offices and lives but will become a legacy to future generations. These are fundamental truths that will never change.
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read moreTaking care of damage as soon as you see it is the best way to keep small holes and tears from becoming larger. The repair process is fascinating to watch, and you are invited to come to our shop to see our experts at work. They begin by looking for an exact match of the original wool or silk yarn. Sometimes the fibers must be carefully dyed so the repair blends into the pattern without a trace. Each missing or torn knot is retied and securely fixed to the rug foundation. Repairing a handmade rug takes time, patience, a keen eye and steady hand.
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