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Physical Therapist in Nashua, NH
Physical Therapist in Nashua, NH Today, CPTE is one of the biggest independently owned & operated physical therapy practices in the Nashua/Manchester area, we've been servicing the area for almost twenty years. We provide a complete range of rehabilitation and fitness services, with the latest in physical therapy services, techniques, and equipment with a very skilled team and a friendly and caring atmosphere. Our four clinics and acceptance by most insurances supplies the convenience you need. Ours is an uncompromising dedication to excellence.

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522 Amherst Str # 22
Nashua, NH
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P O'Dea
read moreThe Center for Physical Therapy and Exercise (CPTE) family welcomes you! Our goal is to help you move better, feel healthy, and have a better quality of life. We offer comprehensive rehabilitation and wellness programs utilizing best physical therapy practices and proven techniques with the latest equipment to achieve your goals. Keeping you moving, moves us to continue our commitment to excellence and a passion for your recovery and wellness. Our reputation for results is built by our highly skilled team, personalized attention, friendly and caring atmosphere, and our commitment to excellence.
About Us
read moreCenter for Physical therapy and Exercise (CPTE) is a hands-on, functional rehabilitation based private physical therapy practice with emphasis on patient results. Our goal and commitment is to achieve optimal function for our patients. Founded by three college friends in 1989 we continue to grow and thrive in several southern NH communities and have become one of the region's largest independent physical therapy practices. At CPTE, our team of dedicated physical and occupational therapists and support staff strive to serve our patients in a caring and friendly environment and are committed to each patient's success and recovery.
Neck Pain Relief Hudson
read moreDo you dread having to look up, down, or to one side because of the pain you know you'll experience? Do you struggle for hours to find a sleeping position that doesn't torture your neck? Has your neck never been the same since that scary car crash or sports accident? Neck pain can make ordinary actions and tasks a major chore, ruining your quality of life. If you're sick of that pain in the neck and you're looking for non-surgical methods of ridding yourself of it, physical therapy can very likely turn your life around.
Women's Health Hudson
read moreOften, the cause of incontinence is aging. The body's muscles just don't work as well as they used to. Symptoms include having to urinate often, urge to urinate, urine leaks when laughing or coughing, or a constant dribble of urine. The constant dribble may be because the bladder isn't emptying completely. Physical therapy treatment can improve pelvic-floor muscle function. Treatment may include Kegel exercises, biofeedback, muscle-strengthening exercises or electrical stimulation. All around, physical therapy for your patients who suffer from incontinence provides a re-education of the pelvic muscles.
Physical Therapy
read moreCPTE offers a comprehensive array of physical therapy services that are provided by highly skilled, licensed physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and athletic trainers. We treat most orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions and offer several specialized services. CPTE's physical therapists uses a variety of treatment methods to facilitate the patient's recovery.
Sports Injury Clinic Hudson
read moreDo you or someone in your household regularly participate in exercise, sports, or some other kind of physical activity? Have you sustained a sports injury as a result of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle? Is acute pain keeping you from competing, or is chronic pain affecting your performance? Our physical therapy team is here to help you get back in the game feeling stronger, healthier, and pain-free, with a reduced risk of re-injury later in the season! According to a study shared by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the rates of sports injury in track and field sport can be high as 9 out of 1,000 athletes.
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