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Rehabilitation Center in Santa Barbara, CA
Rehabilitation Center in Santa Barbara, CA Drug and alcohol rehab programs at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers have been designed to provide comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment in a range of forms to understand the spiritual, physical, and psychological requirements of each personal. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs provided by Pacific Hills are not only Christian based rehab programs, but traditional rehab programs for the individuals who are at a range of different stages in their faith and relate to God based on their own interpretation.

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Pacific Hills Treatment Center Drug Rehab
read moreEven though addiction and substance use disorders can reach anyone (no matter their life circumstance), many of the underlying issues of addiction can be gender specific. Benefits of gender-specific rehab facilities in Orange County include stronger, more appropriate relationships with others in the program; no romantic distractions; more open discussion and discourse; a focus on unique, gender-specific issues; and more. Men experience addiction differently than women. Our men's treatment program offers an effective approach specifically for men to help them overcome addiction and any emotional or psychiatric issues they may be struggling with.
About Us
read moreThousands of people suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse, and various behavioral disorders seek help every day. Finding this help can be a very frustrating experience. Our crisis response counselors will spend the time necessary to review the treatment alternatives, whether at one of our treatment facilities or elsewhere, that will best provide you or your loved one with the help needed. So, don't let another day go by. Contact us at 800-662-2873 and start the process towards a new life in recovery.
Online Addiction Treatment
read moreSimilar to our IOP/Day Treatment options, the online addiction treatment options at Covenant Hills are designed to offer the complete CARF Accredited program, translated to a virtual environment. A notable challenge inherent in online addiction treatment is it does not remove the patient from the potential negative influences of their existing environment. That can be a challenge for many, and pressure their treatment effectiveness. That said, online treatment offers as much structure as possible while allowing you to stay in your home environment.
Faith Based Program
read moreThe 12 Steps as applied by Alcoholics Anonymous have been drawn from the heart of the Scriptures. Our Christian 12 Step program is an integration of these foundational truths as they relate to the chemically addicted and emotionally wounded person. Individuals addicted to alcohol or drugs experience a life that is thrown off balance by addiction. Their families are torn apart. Their bodies grow sick. They often find themselves unable to perform at work or school. Social contacts may dwindle to only those who will abuse alcohol or drugs with them.
read moreLocated in the beautiful beach city of San Clemente, CA, the Covenant Hills Men's addiction treatment center has an atmosphere that fosters healing and health. The rehab center is walking distance from downtown and the pier in San Clemente. Covenant Hills' women's facility is in a serene environment in the beautiful coastal area of Dana Point, California. Located equidistance from San Diego and Los Angeles, Orange County provides a safe and accessible location convenient to all of Southern California.
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