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Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, CA While the San Francisco hair restoration process might seem overwhelming at times, the staff of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is here to help you every step of the way. From the initial consultation meeting to the actual hair transplant surgery, the recovery process and the final results where the hair starts to grow after the hair transplant surgery, you will always have access to the help and resources of our San Francisco hair transplant office and team.

Once the grafts have been placed in the scalp, you can expect to see some stubble and scabbing in the transplanted area of the scalp. These conditions will quickly heal and then the transplanted hair will start to fall out after a few weeks. This is nothing to worry about! It just means the hair has entered the resting phase of the hair growth process.

Several months later, the transplanted hair will start to grow back as small hair and then the hair growth will progress to longer and thicker hair that is normal and mature.

We will also show you how to properly wash your hair after you undergo a San Francisco hair restoration procedure. You will be provided with a timeline of what to expect following your hair transplant so you will be aware of what is happening every step of the way.

The final results depend on the amount and location of your balding as well as the number of grafts transplanted by the doctor and his team. In general, early results be seen after 3-4 months and the full results will be visible after 12-18 months
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Alejandro Dorothy
read moreIt's been almost a year since my hair transplant, I had it done in January 2019 by Dr. Mohebi, and the results I've received so far are much more than expected. I did a good amount of research when I decided I would like to get a hair transplant procedure done. Watched a lot of videos, visited many websites, and even starting calling around to a few different doctors in the bay area. I was thoroughly impressed with the receptionist I spoke with at their San Francisco office - I figured that if the receptionist was as knowledgeable about it, I can only imagine how attentive to detail the doctors were. I scheduled my consultation, and booked my procedure. From beginning to end, it was about a 9 hour process for a little over 2,000 grafts. My hairline was receding and that's what I had filled in. I was well fed during the procedure, the assistants were very sweet while operating too. If you're considering it, from my perspective, it was well worth it.
Gerald Carruthers
read moreIt started with a bike ride through North Beach. I saw someone walking out of I'm guessing Dr. Mohebi's office with a bandaged head. I asked what happened, he smiled and said a hair transplant. I researched this for myself. I assumed people still had scars and it was a shot in the dark. I got my hair transplant from Dr. Mohebi a year ago, I promise you it's not like that anymore. You see a middle aged man riding through San Francisco on a bright Neon yellow bike with a full head of hear - that's me. Take the leap.
Gerry Buckley
read moreI was not happy with my hairline for years. It receded quite a bit over a 5 year period, then stayed in place for many years. I watched plenty of youtube videos and doing research and stumbled across a video of Dr. Parsa Mohebi. After reading a books worth of data about hair transplants, which quite often, I kept referring back to their site to see, I scheduled my consultation and got my hair transplant procedure done in 11 months ago in their San Francisco office. I can't thank the doctors and their team enough for what they have done for me. I am certainly one satisfied patient.
Jeremiah Clemons
read moreFrom 2015-2019 I was the hat or beanie guy. My receding hairline was not something I wanted to show off. After the recovery of my hair transplant, I haven't worn a hot or beanie since. Funny thing is, none of my friends or family even know because they havent seen me without a hat or beanie on in years! San Francisco weather is good like that, we aren't swimming often. Dr. Mohebi is the absolute best in the business. I spent months researching and I saw his reddit threads, compared him with other doctors in NorCal, SoCal, and Denver - I was willing to fly for the best. I watched a video he did with Jose Canseco, who's hair he also restored. I was sold after looking at all the before and after pictures. Trust the man and go get your hair!
Eugenia Berry
Jan 05, 2021
Highly recommend!
The staff were all very pleasant and personable. They made sure that I am comfy all the times. They were very professional and friendly which made me so relaxed. I was so comfortable that I didn't realize that they're already implanting grafts. Dr. Parsa Mohebi made sure that they exceed all of my expectations. They are the coolest medical people around. Their place was amazing that you would think you're in a hotel not in a clinic room waiting for a procedure. I recommend Dr. Mohebi to all of my friends with low hairlines.
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