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Pest Control Services in Berkeley, CA Berkeley and much of the bay area is an environment unlike any other in the United States. This original ecosystem is host to many different types of bugs and animals that are treated in a different manner because of this.

Our Berkeley pest control company understands the concerns of many of the local residents and businesses that feel we should be moving towards a greener and environmentally friendly way of pest control. Because of this, we use only environmentally friendly pest control tactics through our spraying, extermination, and extermination and also utilize many baiting, trapping, and removal techniques to keep the ecosystem and all of us in tact.

We also are able to handle all types of bugs and animals, so feel free to call us no matter the type of pest problem that you may have. We do inspections, extermination, fumigation, trapping, baiting, and removal for the following for pest control: bed bugs, cockroaches (german, american), fleas (cat, dog), spiders (house, black widows, hobo, garden, daddy long legs, and more), ants (fire, sugar, carpenter), beetles (carpet, stink bugs, more), flies, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, bees, rodents, rats, mice, voles, moles, gophers, raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrels, and many others.

Call us at(510) 900-8593to take care of all of your pest control and exterminator problems.
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Rodent Control
read moreRats, mice, and other rodents can be dangerous where they appear. They often act as parasites for diseases and other undesirable bacteria. Sometimes, rats can carry ticks and flies with them, bringing in even more unwelcome annoying pests. There is no other worse situation where you set up the perfect rodent prevention strategy, but fail to rid of all the other pests that come with the rodents inside.

To get help identifying a rodent or help with some form of rodent control, call (510) 900-8593
Bug Control
read moreDifferent bugs call for different bug control methods and actions. Some bugs can be quickly exterminated with baits, some others must be heated out, some should be sprayed, and some may take some strong chemicals to take care of them. Whatever the case may be, take solace in the fact that there is an honest and reputable bug control company in Pest Control Berkeley that can take care of all of your bug control problems.

Give Pest Control Berkeley a call today to get a free quote and help figuring out how to handle your bug infestation problems.
Ant Exterminater
read moreThere are many different types of ants that are common sites in the Berkeley, area. Due to the diverse nature and different environments, there are different types of ants that fare better in certain niches than others. The kinds of ants that bother homeowners in Berkeley, CA and are the cause for a regular amount of calls for an ant exterminator are: fire ants, sugar ants, house ants, flying ants, carpenter ants, and destroying ant colonies.

​If you are having any type of ant problem and desperately need a professional ant exterminator to come by and kill your ants, get a free quote for ant control and call (510) 900-8593
Ronald Hardee
Jun 29, 2021
Incredible job
After dealing with a couple really shady businesses, I decided to call up and had them come out for a quote. After that, they did an incredible job of sealing everything up in the attic! Not only were they friendly but their pricing was fair too. The guy who came this time around - Scott- was just as great at what he does as the person from last year (I can't remember his name).
Value for Money
Service & Support
Helen Scott
Oct 30, 2020
Quick & Efficient
We had a huge rat issue on our property, mostly exterior. Once we saw a single rat in our home, we called up PC Berkeley immediately. Rats are no more. Sorry, not sorry
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About Us
read moreMaria Martinez has been working throughout her life in the Pest Control industry. With over 20 years under her belt working for the large pest control companies throughout California, she noticed that there was a larger niche available in the market that she felt he could provide great value. Considering most of the larger pest control companies usually take care of specific areas in pest control, such as bed bugs, termites, animal, or just repairs, with her many years of experience and a crew already ready to work for her, she jumped right into the market.
Pests Services
read morePest Control Berkeley is the only company in Berkeley that will handle nearly all types of pests and pest control services for both residential and commercial customers around Berkeley, CA and the surrounding areas of Alameda and Contra Costa County. What kind of pests are bothering you today and you need professional help to get rid of them? Our pest control company does all kinds of services to ensure that the pests in your home will be properly handled by our professional pest control company.
Pest Control Exterminators
read moreAre pest control and extermination the services you are looking for in El Cerrito, CA? Are you looking to have an end to the menace caused by and associated with unwanted pests in your home or commercial business? Then do not leave this website. This website is your home now for the best pest control and exterminator service professional in and around El Cerrito, CA. On this website, you will find all the advice and information you need, plus the right company that you need to help you deal with pests' manifestation on your property.
read moreHaving the absolute best pest control exterminators take care of the situation immediately will do wonders to your property. Gone are the days where you have to continually look for the most professional pest control company. You've made it to the best in the game. If you're in or around Emeryville, CA- the best thing to do is give our company a call today to fix the issue you're currently in. Everyone who has a problem with infestations or animal control should give our staff members a call today to get scheduled on the calendar.
Bug Control and Insect Exterminators
read moreTo be honest, Berkeley deals with a lot of bugs throughout the year. The bay area has pleasantly humid environment, particularly during the colder months of the year, and in the humidity, many bugs thrive. Bed bugs, fleas, silverfish, ants, spiders, roaches, these are all types of common bugs that you may at some point see in your house or on your property. They probably ick you out like they even can do to us, but pay attention, bugs can quickly infest a property if allowed to. During the colder months, many different types of bugs will seek refuge inside a home to secure shelter for themselves and begin breeding rapidly.
Crawl Space Exterminators
read moreNo one would wish to live with uninvited and annoying guests, who keep on embarrassing them whenever there are guests or making them have sleepless nights. It is everyone's wish that they live a life without a bother and have a sound sleep. However, when such guests, pests decide to invade your homes and commercial premises, it becomes a hard and annoying story to deal with. Nevertheless, if you are a resident or a commercial entrepreneur in Berkeley, you have a reason to smile as we are here to help you deal with the annoying pests.
Rodent Control
read moreRodents come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, which is precisely why it is so hard to correctly identify the exact rodent animal sometimes without help of a certified rodent professional. Without the right rodent control technicians to assist in your home or businesses rodent problem there will be little to do when you're caught in a hairy situation. When the occasion arises when you may suspect unwanted rodents running around causing unwanted damage then calling the best rodent specialist in the area is the first step in checking up.
Pest Control Extermination & Prevention
read moreA pest control company is not one that anyone is or would constantly be concerned about. It is a non-issue in standard ways of living until pests decide to invade our homes. When rodents, bugs, and other pests decide to become a nuisance, the best and efficient company to reach out to in Richmond is none other than us, Pest Control Richmond. We have the fastest, most effective and affordable inspection and treatment options. Give us a call today using our main line (510) 900-8593 or fill in the quotation form on this page.
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