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Mental Health Services in Seattle, WA Peter Hannah MA LMHC offers individual psychotherapy, marriage counseling & couples therapy. He has been a counselor since 2003. People often come to me to find relief in the problem areas of your life, whether its anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, or just feeling stuck and wanting a change. I like to work in parallel both on the issue at hand, along with the vision of what you want to replace it peace of mind, feeling back to normal, a better marriage, or a new career.

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1800 Westlake Ave N, Suite 305
Seattle, WA
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Individual Counseling
read moreIf youve come to this website, I imagine that something is bothering you. There is either something you dont want (like anxiety, depression, an unhappy relationships) that you havent figured out how to fix, or there is something you do want (such as a new career, peace, good relationships) that that you havent achieved on your own. If this is true, and you have the desire to change you are ready for therapy.
Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling
read moreI understand. Im married myself, and know that keeping a long-term committed romantic relationship alive and happy is hard work, and is a challenge most of us were not well-trained for. We go from the templates we saw of our parents (if we saw any), from TV shows and self-help books, from what we see around us (the public face of others relationships) and they dont provide us with the answers we need to stay connected and positive. Add in a kid or two and perhaps two careers and a mortgage and youve got a recipe for a tired, stressed-out couple.
Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
read moreAnxiety, worry and stress are part of the human condition. But for many people, the voice of anxiety can be a constant presence, the depth of worry can ruin days or nights, and panic attacks can interfere with living your normal life. I understand. Anxiety and panic attacks are something I have experienced personally, and I have both a great understanding of them, and deep empathy for how much they can impact our experience of life. I offer counseling and psychotherapy that can help you manage and lessen anxiety, stress and panic attacks.
Job & Career
read moreMy father would often counsel me (as fathers often do) to be thoughtful about what I chose for work and a career. We spend too much of our lives there, he would say. And I agree. Our jobs and careers bring passion, purpose, meaning, identity, satisfaction, self-esteem, and income or they dont.I bring real-life experience to this part of my work. Before I became a counselor, I worked in IT jobs for over a decade, from large companies like IBM, to small companies, and even as an independent contractor. I changed careers in my mid-30s, enduring a couple wrong paths before finding my second career as a psychotherapist.

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Peter Hannah MA LMHC
read moreAs of March, 19th, 2020 I am now offering counseling and psychotherapy to individuals via video-conferencing, from not just Seattle, but anywhere in Washington State. Looking for counseling in Seattle? I'm an experienced therapist who has been working with individuals and couples since 2003 at my Lake Union office. I use mainstream counseling techniques combined with coaching skills & tools to help you change your life. People often come to me to find relief in the problem areas of your life, whether it's anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, or just feeling stuck and wanting a change.
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