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Upholsterer in Phoenix, AZ Our aim at Carpet Cleaning Phoenix is to supply nothing short of the finest, finest quality standards, as well as the most environment friendly cleaning products. So that all our clients can rest confident that not only is their property being expertly and professionally cleaned, but that at the same time, no harm will be done to the environment. We thus protect you and your environment in our work.

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Phoenix Carpet Cleaning
read moreWelcome to Phoenix Carpet Cleaning - your local rug, upholstery & carpet cleaning specialists. We aim to provide a whole range of house cleaning services for our valued customers. Our cleaning experts specialize in a variety of cleaning services like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. Our services designed to clean your entire household, office, commercial or industrial property, both inside and out. Our professional cleaning services include grout and tile cleaning, rugs and upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning and more.
About Us
read moreMost people hate cleaning which is quite understandable. It seems like the work is never done and one always has to do it over, repeatedly. This is why so many people find it very reasonable - and affordable given the right company - to call in the experts to help. That is what Carpet Cleaning Phoenix is all about. If you want to know about Phoenix Carpet Cleaning and what we offer, just think of the most professional, efficient, helpful and top quality cleaning service and you have your image.
Air Duct Cleaning
read moreAt Phoenix Carpet Cleaning - air duct cleaning department we have our client's best interest at heart. Our customers can - and will - vouch for us. Ask anyone who has used our Services and you will want to contact us yourself at 602-412-3961. We will only clean your air ducts when absolutely necessary. We understand that over cleaning of air ducts is, not only not helpful at best, but it could also be detrimental at worst. Cleaning air ducts is not such a simple matter. One of the biggest problems with air duct cleaning is that very often the air ducts, actually, do not require a cleaning.
Rug Cleaning
read moreYou probably originally purchased your rugs because you envisioned them in one of your rooms, brightening it up and even keeping it warm. You unlikely considered how they would look after a few years of wear and tear, or even after some months of not being cleaned properly. Well, unfortunately, life has a funny way of showing us just how much we need to do to maintain our standards. One of which is what we see happens to our rugs. And cleaning them - properly - is not as easy as we might have thought either.
Carpet Cleaning
read moreCarpet Cleaning Phoenix professionals provide a range of cleaning service to our valued clients. We never compromise in our service standards; you will also find that our prices are extremely reasonable, especially given the fact that we only use the best cleaning machines and top quality products. So even if the price comes out a little more, it is ultimately worth it because our services are top notch. There are always times when one can make a decision about how they want to live their life, what they want to invest in it and what kind of quality living is important to them.
Water Damage Restoration
read morePhoenix Water Damage Restoration is here for you in your time of need. The thought of a flood in your home is horrific. It can leave one completely drained. It is the kind of catastrophe that can be so overwhelming that one just does not know what to do and how to start dealing with it. As a result, many people just sit around staring at the damage, doing nothing. Unfortunately, the longer one leaves the damage to sit, the more likely it is that restoring one's property will be harder. That is why you should call Phoenix Carpet Cleaning - water damage restoration and extraction department at 602-412-3961 as soon as possible.
Free Estimate
read moreThe number one concern of all employees at Phoenix Carpet Cleaning is to provide all customers with top rate care, specific to their particular needs. It is important to us all that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. Within this, is a customer's feeling that they are getting the best prices possible. As such, Phoenix Carpet Cleaning is more than happy to not only provide potential customers with a free estimate, but also to discuss this estimate, break it down in detail and show our customers exactly how we came to the price.
Cleaning Tips
read moreHere you'd be able to find the latest on topic suggestions and notes about anything and everything in the carpet cleaning realm. We at Phoenix Carpet Cleaning have come across a lot of cleaning problems over the years and we wish to share our knowledge with you. Learn about new cleaning techniques, prevention processes, day to day maintenance and what you can do on your own to get the most out of any cleaning. Read on and enjoy. Carpeting adds warmth and elegance to a home. It is often used to enhance or protect other floor coverings, such as wood, marble or tile.
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