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Graphic Designer in Los Angeles, CA We have developed package designs and branding for all types of industries including: - Label redesign for a stale product to increase more in store purchases of the shelves- Revised imagery for marketing and advertising campaigns to obtain new customers- A new toy package design that has kids begging their parents to purchase- An updated website look and feel with a new or old brand- A bottle packaging design to catch more attention- An eye catching design for your beauty product- Updated logo for an existing brand- I higher converting direct mailer- Image retouching- We can help with any type of design projectWe also provide marketing and sales support. If you need marketing or sales brochures created, flyers generated, price tags, car wraps, or anything else that requires a creative designer and brand professional we are your go to firm.

Our digital support for business lets us help the create the best in PowerPoint presentations, graphic design, photo retouching, email images, or whatever else they may need. Trade shows is also in our wheelhouse and we can help you with creating an eye catching booth and display that will help you attract more traffic during the event.Visit our agencies site and check out our gallery where our award winning work, packaging designs, and brand examples are displayed.
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Brand Development
read moreEffective branding improves the visibility of your company, product or service. It's not just a logo, or color palette, or tone of voice. It's all that, but so much more. We can help achieve the success your brand deserves.
Logo & Identity
read moreA great logo design means it will work on any mediums, whether it's printed, stitched or digitally presented. Working with logos for over two decades, we understand this, and provide you with a logo that will work on any or many of these platforms.
Sales & Marketing Support
read moreWe can build all the brand support material that surrounds your product or project, let it be sell sheets, billboards or a bus wrap, we have done lots and lots of it, so you are in good hands with us.
Website Design
read moreIt's not enough just to create awe-inspiring packaging, you also need to support the brand with an attractive and engaging website. We have a full development team who can not only design, but also build the site for you.


Shadi Bakour
read moreMy team spent a lot of time trying to find the best designers for our beverage brand. After speaking with designers all over the country, there are a few reasons we are so glad to have had Pixellent work with us on our design. Extremely professional, quick turn, and an affordable one-stop shop for our needs as we build our brand. But even further, the team at Pixellent was extremely hands on and personally invested when they took on our project, a quality that is so rare to find these days. Thank you for the great work!
Orla Manning
read moreI absolutely loved working with Anna and Pixellent. She is a great graphic designer, she listens to your ideas and feedback and goes the extra mile, which I think is such a plus in a business. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Pixellent and I hope this review helps anyone looking for a graphic designer!
Douglas Cooper
read moreThis really is as good as it gets I've been working with Pixellent and Anna for several years and she has an uncanny ability to be super creative and spot-on when it comes to graphics for beverage and consumer packaged goods. She takes suggestions and the overall vision, weaving them into something new and fresh and completely unique and workable. Having worked with other graphic designers, I can truly say Pixellent is second to none.
Dwayne Mariner
Aug 23, 2021
I have used Pixellent at least 5x min the last year. We absolutely love the communication, logos and design process. You don't have to worry about coming up with a design idea. Let them run with an idea and I promise it will be amazing. I refer all my contacts looking for logos, website etc. to Pixellent and they too are impressed. We love Anna and always look forward to her designs. Just hand over your ideas and you too can be impressed with the designs you never thought of prior to her artistry.
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Pixellent Design
read moreUnless you are an essential business owner, work at one, or a front line hero in the medical field, this pandemic got a lot of us locked inside our homes with very little to do and a bunch of extra time on our hands. I was doing research for a cannabis based product packaging and noticed some interesting things. First of all, the one thing that really stands out is that about 90% of all packaging will have a reference to. Finding the perfect name for your new brand, product or company is a vital part of starting your business, no matter what industry you are in.
About Us
read moreWe start every project the same way: with a creative brief. We take time to ask you questions to clarify design direction. Then comes research. To us that means going out into the market place, look at the shelf space where your product will be placed, do some online digging and to check out your competition. Then we sit down with our notes and create some basic sketches, which provides the first step in creating your awesome brand. Together with you we go through a few rounds of changes until we finalize the concept artwork, then we move on to create the layflat artwork, which you will be able to send to your vendors for production.
Sales & Marketing Support
read moreAsk any sales guy, and they will tell you that without flyers, brochures, price tags, hang tags, car wraps or a long list of other items, they would not be able to do their jobs. This of course doesn't mean you have to produce that long list of items, but you should certainly consider at least the basic items. When you are selling consumer goods, a service or participate in events, trade shows or conferences with your company, you most likely will need to produce a whole lot of items you may not even think about at firsts.
Cannabis Packaging
read moreNew regulations allowing the use of cannabis in consumer products generates a growing business in the package design industry. A new world is opening up in the consumer goods industry: Cannabis based products. Whether it's smokable, edible, extract or oil, a product for external or internal use, as designers we still have to keep in mind the standard rules of packaging design. Will it be in a jar? Will it use a dropper and be sold in a glass bottle? Is it a drink infused with flavor in a TetraPak box?
read moreBlack Girl Sunscreen wouldn't be where we are at without Pixellent Design. Anna is professional, creative, and works with a sense of urgency. Black Girl Sunscreen's packaging gets raving reviews from anyone that sees it, because Anna was able to execute our vision. Anna Kernbaum is an exceptionally talented graphic designer with decades of experience under her belt. I have worked with Anna on a multitude of branding and packaging design projects over the past 5 years, and time and time again, she has proved to be the best of the best.
Digital Support
read moreWhether you need a photo of your finished product, a social media look & feel or a Power Point presentation for an investor meeting, we can help! We have done many different projects with custom digital elements. We can't even tell you how many times over our carrier we heard people say: Oh, I just need a quick photo of this or that. Building a Power Point presentation for your next big meeting. Need an old family photo cleaned and retouched so you can frame it and give it to Granny for her birthday.
read moreEvery project starts with an initial call collecting some basic information about your project, followed by a proposal and price quote. Upon approval a Design Agreement is created and signed by all parties. This is the green light for us to start the work. Every project is different, just as every person is different, and the length of any project will always depend on what our clients need to get done. Once we have some information about what your needs are we can provide more accurate turnaround and processing times based on the type of project.
Package Design
read moreWeather you are creating a new beverage, a super healthy food bar, or a fancy cosmetic, package and label design all play a part in helping your product becoming appealing to your consumer, ultimately leading to the success of your brand. It is a fact that label and package design matters when people shop for products. But it's not just about making a pretty box design or a fancy custom bottle. A successful package and label design will keep the consumer engaged through the shopping process, and hopefully even through consumption and recycling.
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