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Auto Parts & Accessories in Hialeah, FL
Auto Parts & Accessories in Hialeah, FL Established in 2005 by our current president Luis Duarte (ASUKIKI)
under the name Thunder
Electronics, Pro Auto Sound has pride itself on providing a great
selection of affordable car stereos and alarm systems combined with quality
Window Tint capable of withstanding our Florida weather. From trucks and boats
to recreational vehicles, we work on anything that needs a high-quality sound or
security system.

We carry all the latest car audio and security products at the best prices in
town. In 2012 we are emphasizing our focus on offering the highest quality
sales and installation services in Miami. It seems that all the multi store guys
are losing their touch so if you've been to Bird Road or at the other place in
Pembroke Pines and still not satisfied come see us. We'll take care of you! No
job is too small or too big. We have all the brands they have at a better price
with better service. We do it all, Car TV's, In-dash DVD, Car Navigation, Train
Horns, Car Neon, Head Rest Monitors, Custom Boxes, Back-up Cameras, Radar
Detectors and more. Please contact us for more information about our excellent
service at prices you can afford.
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8040 NW 103 STREET
Hialeah, FL
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Customer Car Stereo
read moreWhen it comes to custom car stereo
no job is too small or too big. At Pro Auto Sound of Miami we do it! OEM
integration of navigation systems, CD changer and MP3 Players, Custom subwoofer
boxes, Fiber Glass Kick Panels, Motorized amp rack, neon, you name it. Come see
why all car audio competitors in Miami consider Pro Auto Sound of Miami their
Car Alarm, Remote starting and Keyless Entry
read moreAlthough today's automotives are not what they used to be, car theft and
vandalism has not slowed down. This is because Factory Security Systems offer deterrent, they don't really
protect a vehicle. Pro Auto Sound of Miami is the #1 Clifford
Security system Dealer in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area. Offering
everything from Basic Car Alarm
to sophisticated anti-carjacking
system, perimeter sensors and that's so important in our south Florida
weather "Remote Car
Car Window Tinting
read moreAs one of the few 3m authorized
automotive window tinting shops in Miami, Pro Auto Sound of Miami
can assure you complete satisfaction when it comes to getting your car
professionally tinted. Having your car's
windows' tinted in the South Florida area is not just a luxury but rather an
investment in your car's well being and longevity. A professional
window tinting job will save your interior from the damaging sun
rays, keep your interiors cooler thus keeping your AC unit from stressing. It
also offers a limited level of security by keeping pieces of glass from flying
around in the event of an accident.

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About Us
read moreWelcome to Pro Auto Sound of Miami where we make you fall in love with your car all over again. When it comes to fashion, we are free to choose what clothes we wear, what brands, and what styles. However, when it comes to your vehicle, more often than not, we have to settle with what we can afford and or what's available from the dealer or manufacturer. With that said this does not mean you have to settle for average; thanks to the aftermarket industry, we are now able to make our vehicles "ours" by choosing from the broad range of aftermarket accessories.
Car Upholstery Miami
read moreMany can guys, and even commuters will agree when we say that our cars are like our second home. As civilization evolves, the amount of time we expend in our vehicles has increased exponentially. Whether your vehicle is factory equipped with leather or fabric, it is likely that sooner or later it is going to start showing signs of wear and tear! There is also the case where perhaps you chose to buy a second-hand vehicle, or maybe a classic that needs upholstery work. Our custom car upholstery team can help you in many ways.
Miami Marine Custom Audio Installation
read moreWithout a doubt, Miami is the boating capital of the world! With about thirteen million registered boats in Florida and about sixty percent of them in the South Florida area, there is a great possibility that you are a boat owner or you know someone who owns one. There is no question that on a sunny weekend with calm seas there is nothing better to do in Miami then take your boats to the Haulover sandbank or run out the Haulover inlet for a day of fun. In the past, one of the most boring parts of a day out on your boat was coming and or getting to your destination.
Miami Car and Truck Accessories
read moreCar accessory is a big word that covers a broad spectrum of products. At Pro Auto Sound of Miami, it means anything and everything to help you make your car, truck, boat or SUV "yours". From HID lights and LED lights to adding power lock or power window to a car that came without it. Not everyone can afford to buy a new car every so often, and sometimes used cars don't come with all the toys you had in mind! Even if you do get a new car more often than not, the right deal means giving something up that you really wanted.
Vertical Door Miami
read moreWe are Miami's #1 provider of Lambo Door Hinges and Bolt-On Vertical Lambo Door Conversion Kits. Also known as Scissor Doors and Vertical Doors, these are the ultimate car mod. There is no question. No car modification will deliver more bang for the buck than the installation of a Bolt-on or Universal Lambo Door Kit. As your South Florida Vertical Doors authorized dealer, Pro Auto Sound of Miami can help create a show-stopping show car by converting your car or truck front doors to open up Lambo Style with a vertical door kit!
Miami Window Tinting
read morePro Auto Sound of Miami was established on the concept of offering value and satisfying our customers' needs in the areas of custom car audio, mobile video, car alarm, car window tinting, and accessories. Pro Auto Sound of Miami's customer service is above all else and has forged our business by providing everyone with a personal touch second to none in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area. Pro Auto Sound of Miami's mission is to provide the finest car audio and car window tinting service in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area.
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