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Music Lessons in Richardson, TX Promethean Studios offers beginning, intermediate, advanced, and professional level lessons and bands, for all ages; children, teens, and adults, in blues, bluegrass, classical, country and western, folk, gospel, traditional and smooth jazz, pop, praise & worship, R&B (rhythm & blues) classic and modern rock, and other styles. We provide instruction in guitar, piano, voice, drums & percussion, bass, saxophone, flute, keyboard, oboe, songwriting, composition, music theory, worship leading, and worship seminars.

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2701 Custer Parkway
Richardson, TX
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About Us
read morePromethean Studios was founded in 1991 by Mark Black with one goal: to turn our students into musicians, singers, and players using practical methods that maximize their enjoyment without sacrificing the quality of their education. We believe that a personable instructor that gives equal time to music theory and technique create an atmosphere of excellence, accomplishment, and enjoyment. Our teaching methods allow new musicians to learn effectively, so they become quick and thorough students of music.
Songwriting & Composition
read moreAt Promethean, we know that you want to make music, and we know how to get you there. One of the major beliefs at Promethean Studios is that understanding is key to creating good music with conviction. Too many music students are taught technique without knowing what it is they're actually doing; in the end, they become glorified human jukeboxes, playing songs automatically without seeing the underlying reasons for why they're playing the way they are. Understanding the structure of music, the "why" of it all, is called music theory.
Worship Seminar
read moreWorship seminars are available for your church or ministry. These events are scalable from small to large, working with a single worship team for an hour to ministering to an entire church or conducting a major conference over a long weekend. Several of our instructors are active worship leaders, and Mark Black has led worship for 35 years, been a music director of churches for 14 years, and taught at Christ for the Nations Institute for 6 years. We are musically and spiritually equipped to deal with all aspects of worship ministry, including critiquing individual abilities and group needs, practical performance issues, song selection and flow, goals of ministry, maximizing practices and worship potential, as well as over-arching philosophy of worship and spiritual issues.
Music Theory
read moreMusic is more than playing a certain instrument and making noise, there are different techniques to no only physically learn, but to be mentally aware of. When you listen to music and play music you are becoming part of a conversation between the artist and yourself. Each harmony, melody, and/or rhythm being listened to creates a historical lesson being learned. For years there have been proper and evolving ways of composing music and this all hides behind musical theory. The theories that have been conceptualized in the past take place in various ways that make all music different and exciting.
Singing Lessons
read moreThe first and primary instrument of any musician is his or her voice. For as long as people have made music, vocalists have commanded the attention and won the hearts of their listeners with skill, heart, and beauty. Our voice instructor encourages students to begin singing with the music that they love most, whether that's folk music, R&B, show tunes, or whatever style of music the student loves singing. At Promethean Studios, we also encourage students to improvise and sing by ear whenever they get the chance, whether that's through formal practice or applying their lessons while rocking out on their iPhones.
Music Seminars
read moreIn-studio lessons provide the most focus, specialized education that our students can receive. The lessons are centered on the interests and passions of the student, which not only makes the music enjoyable, but compels the student to learn more effectively because they will take ownership over the goals of the lessons. However, we also want to make sure our students start to appreciate the larger world of music they've entered into. That's why we've developed music seminars, one-time lessons that occur two times a year.
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