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Medical Laboratory in Midland, TX PropTester. Is an independent laboratory that performs research and testing of products utilized in hydraulic fracturing operations. PropTester. Qualifies fracturing fluid and proppant performance through on-site quality assurance testing protocols. At our base laboratory in Cypress, TX, we currently have a complete range of testing equipment to run long-term conductivity tests, regained conductivity and Beta factor determination, hot/wet crush studies, and a high temperature/pressure rheometer to better understand your fracturing fluid rheology under reservoir conditions.

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6702 West US Hwy 80
Midland, TX
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read morePropTester, Inc. is a third-party, independent laboratory specializing in the research and testing of products utilized in hydraulic fracturing & cement operations. Our primary focus is to apply API (American Petroleum Institute) practices, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, and PropTester procedures as a basis for qualifying fluid, proppant performance and cement integrity. By coupling our industry-wide knowledge with a defined quality assurance program, we partner with companies throughout the oil and gas industry to increase well productivity and profitability.
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read moreOur fundamental objective is to provide our customers with reliable, performance critical data in a timely manner. PropTester is strategically located near Houston, Texas to better serve our customers in the oil and gas industry. Our test results enable customers to qualify materials prior to pumping and identify any deficiencies which could impact overall well deliverability. Through the use of our highly advanced technical lab and on-site validation, PropTester professionally and scientifically assures customers that quality materials including cement, fluid and proppant are being used every time in an efficient manner.
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