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Disability Services in Oceanside, CA Through the years we currently have established an range of healthcare product lines in support of our client's evolving clinical requirements - with many choices within each line. They include dozens of different poles, stands, and mounting systems for IV-related equipment (such as huge volume infusion pumps, syringe pumps and specialty pumps) unique rolling bases for specific medical instrumentation (such as huge and tiny vital signs monitors, ventilators, compressors, wireless computers) patented stand components that add functionality to any Pryor stand.

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Pryor Products
read morePryor Products manufactures world-class, industry-leading Class I medical device mobility products for the healthcare industry. These products include IV stands, rolling carts and advanced mounting clamps that ensure the safe deployments of some of the most advanced medical equipment in the world. Our products have been proudly manufactured in the United States since 1972 to provide the highest quality material and workmanship in our highly customizable product offerings. Our IV Poles reflect the highest quality, and are built using the best materials available.
About Us
read morePryor Products has been designing specialized products for and with the medical industry since its founding in 1972. This industry has unique requirements and we work closely with our OEM partners to meet their exacting requirements. We understand that each product is unique and has a variety of parameters that must be addressed throughout the design process. Each step is viewed through the prism of patient safety, functional specification and FDA guidelines. Our goal is to be deliberative in our process and design suggestions, but never slow the partners pace of design.
Our Process
read moreThe best products start with the best materials. Our suppliers have been partners for years and they understand our exacting standards for the material purity in our aluminum, steel and plastic components. We never accept less than perfect, and they know it. Our craftsmen would know it the moment it hit their station. Our extrusions and molds are cut to tight tolerances to all but eliminate mid-process failures. The receiving crew has the tools and knowledge to maintain our standards right at the dock.
Mission Statement
read morePryor Products is a dedicated partner to hospitals and other healthcare providers worldwide. It is our mission to provide durable medical products of highest quality and innovation, at a fair price. We strive to add value to these products by placing our customer first, as exemplified by our unconditional, can-do philosophy. At Pryor Products a handshake is just a phone call away.
read moreJohn Pryor was a hospital administrator and engineer when he founded Pryor Products. Today the leading designer and manufacturer of IV poles and rolling stands for mounting medical instrumentation. Our customers include dozens of medical equipment manufacturers and thousands of hospitals and other healthcare providers worldwide. Our products enjoy a reputation for the highest quality and innovation at a fair price. Like the customers we serve, Pryor Products has a passion for excellence. Over the years we have developed an array of healthcare product lines in support of our customer's evolving clinical needs - with many choices within each line.
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