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Investment Company in Quincy, MA Since 1937, when George Putnam created a prudent mix of stocks and bonds in a single, professionally managed portfolio, we currently have championed the wisdom of the balanced approach. Today, we provide investors a world of equity, fixed-income, multi-asset, and absolute return portfolios so investors can pursue a array of financial aims. Our seasoned portfolio managers seek superior results over time, backed by original, fundamental research on a global scale. We are committed in service excellence, in the value of experienced financial advice, and in putting customers 1st in everything we do.

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read morePutnam and the Putnam Funds' independent trustees are committed to managing our mutual funds in the best interests of our shareholders. The independent Trustees of The Putnam Funds, through the Trustees' Board Policy and Nominating Committee and with the assistance of a member of the Trustees' independent administrative staff, the Director of Proxy Voting and Corporate Governance, exercise control over the Funds' proxy voting. The Trustees of The Putnam Funds are committed to promoting strong corporate governance practices and encouraging corporate actions that enhance shareholder value through the judicious voting of the Funds' proxies.
read moreThe markets can be unpredictable; your financial planning doesn't have to be. Talk to your financial advisor about finding the investment choices best suited to your individual needs. Whether you're just beginning your career or winding it down, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can help you create a more comfortable retirement. It's easy to set up and contribute to an IRA, and IRAs offer powerful tax advantages. It is the one retirement savings account every investor should consider. Work with your advisor to determine which of these Putnam products is best for your business.
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read moreCompanies are beginning to focus more on mental health at work, and some are offering a wider range of supportive and preventive care. What you pay reflects Putnam Management's decision to contractually limit expenses through 02/28/21. Total expense ratio is 0.99%. Total expense ratio is 0.60%. Investors may want to consider estate planning strategies as tax provisions impacting federal gift and estate taxes will sunset after 2025. With phase one of the national vaccine rollout happening more slowly than predicted and record-setting numbers of new infections being reported across the country, important questions remain about what a post-vaccine world might actually look like.
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