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Furniture Store in Compton, CA Since our humble beginnings in 1989, we currently have rapidly become the industry standard for slipcovered and upholstered furniture. We're known for perfecting the washable slipcover, which comes with many styles of our custom furniture. All of our slipcovered furniture can be ordered as a traditional upholstered piece if you prefer. Either way, you can always order additional washable slipcovers for your Quatrine furniture at any time in the future. Take a look at the pretty styles that we provide for your home. We feature an incredible range of choices for you to create your dream decor.

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19300 South Susana Road
Compton, CA
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Quatrine Washable Furniture
read moreI wanted to let you know about my deep affection for the Quatrine Store. 2 Sofas, 2 Bedding sets, a Love seat, 10 chairs, an Ottoman and a mountain of Pillows (it's still not enough). I Love Quatrine Custom Furniture, I Love the friendly, knowledgeable staff in the Houston store and most of all I Love being able to change the look of my home by just changing slipcovers. Also, it's nice to have clean, fresh furniture when company arrives. Our friends think our pets don't shed nor get on the furniture.
About Us
read moreCreativity is hard to come by. Find inspiration for your next creation with us by taking a look at our past work. Take a peek inside the beautiful abodes of our clients or take a virtual tour though our facility in Long Beach, California. We hope you find inspiration from our hard work.
Living Room Furniture
read moreYour living room is the space in your home where your personality stands out. Our collection of custom luxury furniture helps you accomplish this easier than ever before. Take a look through our collection of chairs, sectionals, sofas, and other living room furniture to start transforming your home into the space you've always dreamed of. Quatrine was founded by people who are passionate about owning beautiful luxury furniture and displaying it throughout their home. However, we initially found that most furniture stores sold furniture products that were all too similar, and often displayed with varying price tags.
Dining Room Furniture
read moreGreat events and memories are made at the dinner table. Help create the perfect story with our selection of handcrafted dining room furniture. From innovative dining benches, to classic dining chairs, our inventory of dining room furniture will have you planning out your next event with the ones you love the most. Take a look at our curated collections below. Dining chairs play an integral role in the function of your dining room, while showcasing your personality. Browse our collection of luxury dining chairs here to start transforming your dining room.
Bedroom Furniture
read moreOur bedding, beds, and headboards will bring the elegance, style and functionality of your favorite retreat into your home. Because each piece is made to order, you have the opportunity to customize or modify your selected style. Let your imagination run wild while browsing our bedroom furniture below. At Quatrine, we want to share our love of the finer things in life with anyone who chooses one of our hand-made pieces of luxury furniture. When you choose Quatrine over other bedroom furniture stores, you're choosing quality, comfort, and sustainability, all of which lead to a worthwhile investment.
Our Story
read moreAt Quatrine, our passion for well-crafted and practical furniture started with our love for traveling. After spending almost a decade abroad, we began to notice a quality in European furniture that we couldn't leave behind. At Quatrine, what goes into our designs is just as important as what shows on the exterior. Gina Quatrine has built Quatrine Furniture with a strong passion for providing beautiful and fully customizable furniture to friends and family. Now, she wants to share what she loves the most with you.
Luxury Furniture
read moreWe offer a great selection of custom luxury furniture. Browse our curated collection of bedroom, living room and dining room furniture below. We have over 450 selections of quality fabrics, ribbon, finish, and welting options that will make creating your perfect space easier than ever before. At Quatrine, we appreciate the desire to own and display the best luxury furniture brands in your home. Our living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture is all handmade by expert craftsmen, seamstresses, and designers who use only the highest quality materials.
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