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Appliance Store in San Mateo, CA Quick Appliance Service has been servicing the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. We specialize in Refrigeration, Heating, Air conditioning, Water Heaters, and Appliances. Our consultants are certified to do the repairs, service, replacements, installations, and maintenance. It is tailored to keep the factory performance and maintain the equipment so that its life expectancy can be extended as much as possible. In this rutting can be detect components that are near the end of their useful life so that can be replaced before they fail.

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Quick Appliance Service
read moreI was very satisfied with all phases of your business-fast response, an excellent diagnosis and repair (Ali), and last but not least a reasonable price. I will use your business again, and recommend it to others. I am very happy & satisfied with your service: to have you do all my appliance's that has to be fix. So far everything you did for me was very, very good & satisfied and real good, perfect. I would recommend you to all my friends, to, Quick Appliance Service Corp. the best as long as I live, I'll have only you to do all my work, that I have to have worked on.
Quick Appliance Service
read moreWhat does Quick Appliance Service do? Quick Appliance Service repairs and services all major appliances in heating, cooling, refrigeration, and water heaters. We service both residential and commercial areas. What can I do to keep my water heater longer? Once a year, drain and flush the tank or give us a call at 1-877-96QUICK to do it for you. What is Quick Appliance Service Corp.? Quick Appliance Service is a full-service repair and maintenance company specializing in Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Heaters, and Appliances.
Quick Appliance Service
read moreWe provide priority service on all types of cooling products. Whether it's a Residential refrigerator, a commercial refrigerator or wine cooler, we are here to help you. REFRIGERATION is the process of removing heat energy from a place where it is not wanted and disposing of it in a place where it is wanted to an area where it is not objectionable. Most of the commercial refrigeration application operates in range of 35 F to 40F for medium-temperature units and 0 F to -10F for low-temperature units.
Quick Appliance Service
read moreWelcome to Quick Appliance Service Corporation your local service company. At QASC we take great pride and are committed to provide top quality service repairs. We will deliver the best care to your Appliances, Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Water Heaters. Our technician's expertises are residential and commercial on HVAC-R. Our technicians are certified and have graduated from technical school. All of our vehicles have GPS tracking and are radio dispatched. Call us to receive the finest care for all your Appliance and HVAC-R needs.
Quick Appliance Service
read moreQuick Appliance Service has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. We specialize in repairs, replacements and installations all kinds of gas, electric and propane water heaters. We also specialize in Energy Saver models. Straps are very important to install in every water heater to protect against natural disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Every water heater should have two straps. QASC can adjust your water pressure for your home; high water pressure is harmful to plumbing and appliances.
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