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Massage Therapist in Dallas, TX
Massage Therapist in Dallas, TX Welcome to what I hope will be a resource that serves in assisting you along your journey without sounding like the rantings of a deranged, new age, veteran hippie who gave up on reality in favor of black lit velvet oil paintings and intricately crafted glass bongs. I have spent the past five years of my life in deep study and intend to use this site to flesh out my theories on the process of how we can awaken and balance the connection between our mind, body, and spirit.

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3626 Hall Str Seventh FLOOR, Room 4
Dallas, TX
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Reedy, Steve
read moreI have postponed my massage, Yoga, and Thai Massage services until I can provide a safe space for my students and clients. Reiki classes can be scheduled in advance for after February 2011.
Steve Reedy
read moreI am a licensed professional counselor. I also have certifications for mind/body work including neuromuscular therapy, Thai massage, and Reiki energy therapy. My approach to healing is based on my theory that the environment in which we live is as unnatural to us as a Habitrail is to a hamster. The varying beliefs and rapid pace of our society can be confusing and detrimental to our health. I believe that, because we are not genetically designed to exist in such a world, we often experience mental, biological, and spiritual side-effects.
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