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Home Improvement Company in Pittsburgh, PA Rickjohn Roofing firm. In Pittsburgh, PA specializes in slate and tile roofs. We're experienced roofers and have been in business for over thirty four years. Our roofing services include new slate and tile roofs and roofing repair, as well as all kinds of architectural and asphalt roofing shingles. We can repair and replace cedar shakes. We install skylights and ventilation systems and supply gutter installation. To gain our Roofing Contractors in Pittsburgh, please see our Pittsburgh phone list.

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4920 Harrison Street
Pittsburgh, PA
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read moreAs Pittsburgh's residential roofing experts, RickJohn Roofing specializes in specialty roofing projects including slate and tile roofing, copper standing seam roofs, flat roofs and detailed asphalt shingle roofs. In our metal fabrication shop, we create and often recreate custom copper metal work and replacement ornamental metal roofing details. We have the experience needed to repair all types of roofs and repair and replacement of box gutters, hanging gutters, skylights, and flashing. Call and talk to Rick at (412)906-1571! Or use the form on the Contact page or the convenient LiveChat feature at the bottom of the page to get a quote on your roofing project!
About Us
read moreRickJohn Roofing, based in Highland Park, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1978 by good friends Rick Gammiere and Robert "Bob" John Wallo. Both native Pittsburghers, they have been restoring and servicing some of the most prestigious homes in Pittsburgh for the past 42 years. Rick and Bob got their start in construction in the 70s, working for a home construction company. They worked all day, every day, going door-to-door, asking homeowners if they needed any work done on their homes' exteriors. Understanding the importance of customer service, they put a premium on keeping the customers happy - eventually their focus concentrated on roofing and RickJohn Roofing was born.
Roofing Services
read moreWhatever your roofing challenges, RickJohn Roofing can help. From classic Pittsburgh homes to stately mansions, we specialize in slate and tile roofing, cedar shake, asphalt, copper standing seam and more. Whether you need a new roof or want to repair an old one, we are well versed in all aspects of roofing projects including repairing or replacing box gutters, fabricating custom metalwork and gutters, ventilation systems and skylights. We have a fully equipped metal shop for expert metal work including ornamental architectural features.
Roof Maintenance Programs
read moreYour roof is a major investment and it protects all that you hold dear. The best way to keep your roof in good condition is through preventative maintenance. RickJohn Roofing's maintenance programs will provide your roof with the professional upkeep needed to help prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your roof. With our roof maintenance programs, we also work to ensure all of the elements of your roof, such as coatings and skylights, are regularly serviced to ensure they meet the requirements of any long-term warranties you may have on the products.
read moreHalf-round gutters are a more traditional look and enhance the curb appeal of any home. At RickJohn Roofing, our European seamless gutter machines can form customized gutters of any length on site. Our machines are housed in a specially built van which has its own power supply to run the machines. We can rebuild and replace box gutters out of copper, ternecoat or stainless, custom fabricated on location or in our metal shop. If a repair is all you need, we can identify the problem area, repair the leak and repaint the gutter adding additional years to its life.
Tile Roofing
read moreAs a Certified Installer of Ludowici Tile, we are proud to use them on our tile roofing projects. Crafted in New Lexington, Ohio, Ludowici clay tile products are infinitely customizable and carry a 75-year warranty. Their tiles are of the highest quality available and have been chosen to adorn thousands of historic and newly built structures around the world. Pittsburgh homeowners who want to enjoy this ultra-durable material often use it to maintain a certain aesthetic, especially on homes that have a particular architectural style or for homes that were built during a particular historical time.
Roof Repair
read moreRickJohn Roofing is Western Pennsylvania's slate and tile experts and we have vast experience with repairing and replacing roofs using both new and aged materials. In many cases, a piece of slate or tile that needs to be repaired can simply be replaced. However, you must use a slate and tile expert to ensure that the durability and aesthetics of the material is maintained. Often, the weather in our region-rainy springs, humid summers, and cold, snowy winters-can cause asphalt shingles to break down over time.
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