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Pest Control Services in Ventura, CA
Pest Control Services in Ventura, CA Biological control programs may include commercially available predators, parasites, pathogens and antagonists. We advise starting with biologically active soils that may get a boost from our line of inoculants. We currently have microbial and botanical pesticides when the natural enemies are a little too little or a little too late. Production scale programs are finest designed located on the type of monitoring only obtainabale using our D-Vac vacuum insect sampling equipment.

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read moreKyra Ankenbruck drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana, the day after graduating from Purdue University to learn about growing beneficial insects. She is assistant manager in production, research and development and pitches in everywhere, including customer service. Gabriel Rude helps us over-deliver on our promises in shipping and takes excellent care of regular customer accounts, as well as covering in production on weekends and more. He also moved to California from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kyra previously knew Gabe's work habits from working together in an Indiana butcher shop, and she knew a job with insects might somehow jibe with Gabe's other passion for watching sci-fi and horror movies.
Rincon-Vitova Insectaries
read moreBees, honey, other native pollinators, including flies, moths, hummingbirds, bats etc. pollinate plants so that the plants produce food that we eat. Pressures: Under pressure from pesticide use, habitat destruction, nutritional stress, diseases, moving bees for pollination, GMO crops, beekeeper abuse - self inflicted injury from pesticide use and putting strain on bees. Managed media - USA is now run by big corporations, Bayer, Monsanto, Dow get message out that we need these pesticides to grow food.
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