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Web Designer in Veneta, OR Rising Bird offers complete professional website, clerical, accounting, and nonprofit administrative services. We offer you the convenience of high quality business services on a contractual basis, eliminating the need for a clerical staff, office supplies, equipment, furniture and more. We provide affordable pricing and superb customer service while working diligently to help your business grow.

Rising Bird was founded with the vision of providing a wide variety of high quality professional services at prices that allow our customers unlimited opportunities to grow and prosper. To realize this vision, we retain a team of highly skilled professionals who offer superior business services from our office, eliminating the need for our clients to pay for staff, office equipment, and office space. We provide outstanding customer service while building strong responsive relationships with our clients and conduct our business with the highest level of integrity. We continually strive to understand our clients' needs, offer innovative solutions, and create a more efficient means of conducting business.

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Website Design, Development and Maintenance
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Designing a custom web site for your business can be a fun and informative process. Each site we develop is built around your ideas of how you represent your business. We infuse your ideas with our knowledge of current web site accessibility and usability principals as well as development expertise. The results are a successful web design: return customers, great search engine placement, and a happy customer.

Website designs include:
Creative custom templates
Accessibility tools
Usability principles
User testing

While working with you to develop your web site we encourage your involvement and questions. We've learned that customers who understand their websites have the most successful online businesses.

Technology changes rapidly and keeping your website up to date, and high in the organic search rankings, is crucial in maintaining the viability of your online business for a variety of reasons. One important reason is that fresh content not only builds repeat customers, but also keeps search engines scanning your website and improving your search engine rankings.

We perform a complete array of maintenance services; here is a list of our most common website maintenance requests:
Change out images or text
Update shopping carts with products, quantities, and prices
Update website coding for current web practices
Update or include meta tags
Create more usability features
Add accessibility components
Optimize for organic search engine rankings
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