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Optician in Sunrise, FL We would like to welcome you to our practice. Drs. Rouse supplies each patient with quality vision solutions and exceptional client service. Our dedication is not just in meeting your expectations, but in exceeding them! Our team is experienced in all areas of vision care. Maintaining healthy eyes require regular vision and eye exams. We look ahead to the opportunity of serving your family's optometric requirements. We're conveniently situated nearby and would be pleased to have you as a patient.

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Rouse Family Eye Care
read moreLocated in Weston, FL, Rouse Family Eye Care offers full-service optometry services ranging from pediatric eye exams to diagnosis and treatment of age-related macular degeneration. Our patients know that we offer personalized services to suit their individual needs and preferences and that we take the time to keep patients well-informed of their conditions and treatment options and gladly answer any questions they may have. Because we don't think anyone should have to go without the ocular care that they need, we accept many different forms of insurance and offer financing plans for those without insurance.
Macular Degeneration in Weston
read moreAt Rouse Family Eye Care, we provide full-service optometry services to residents of Weston, FL, and surrounding communities. As well as scheduled appointments, we accept patients on an emergency basis. Our patients know they can count on us to provide customized personal service and that their well being is our top priority. We pride ourselves in keeping current on new treatments and information concerning all aspects of eye health, including macular degeneration. Macular degeneration affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. and is the leading cause of significant vision loss and total blindness.
Eye Exams in Weston
read moreThe comprehensive eye exam usually involves a series of evaluations, tests, and procedures to determine how well you can see, if you need corrective lenses, and if there are signs of certain vision problems or eye health concerns. At Rouse Family Eyecare, our comprehensive eye exams in Weston, Fl are designed to make sure every aspect of your visual health is assessed. It is best for children to have a comprehensive eye exam sometime between the ages of three and five. Once your child starts school, it is best if they have an eye exam about every year or two unless they have issues.
Cataracts in Weston
read moreChanges in your vision can always be worrisome, especially if those changes show up and never seem to go away. One of the most common causes of cloudy spots in the vision is cataracts. Cataracts create fuzzy or blurred areas in your field of vision, and you may even see a high sensitivity level to glare. At Rouse Family Eyecare in Weston, FL, we will work with you to diagnose cataracts and help you determine what route of treatment would be best. It is simple to recognize cataracts when they form because of their telltale symptoms, but most patients have the question of what cataracts actually are.
Dry Eye Treatment in Weston
read moreAt Rouse Family Eye Care, our doctors are experienced in managing all stages of dry eye and lid disease utilizing advanced technologies. Dry eye is a chronic eye condition that today can be managed more effectively than just recommending artificial tears. Common symptoms of dry eye include fluctuations in vision, redness, gritty sensation, burning and tearing. Our doctors complete a thorough evaluation of the meibomian glands as well as the quality and quantity of the tears in your eyes. They prescribe personalized treatments designed to maximize patient success.
LASIK in Weston
read moreThe skilled and experienced staff at Rouse Family Eye Care provides full spectrum optometry services to residents of Weston, FL, as well as those in surrounding communities. We treat all ages at Rouse Family Eye Care, and our range of services includes everything from basic eye examinations to advanced optometry. We accept a variety of insurance plans as well as offer in-house financing to ensure that our patients have access to the ocular health care that they need. We're also a leading provider of LASIK eye surgery in the Weston community.
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