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Massage Therapist in Miami Beach, FL Open spaces for individual and professional growth and allow your touch to touch the souls of those you touch. Here is our special invitation to join us in our aim: To share and expand the circle of Aloha and Metta to encompass the world. Get the massage continuing education hours you need to renew your NCBTMB or Florida license while adding these sacred arts to your skills. Sacred Bodywork offers massage continuing education seminars, domestic and non-domestic retreats and workshops for spas, healing arts centers, massage therapists.

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Thai Massage on the Table Continuing
read moreIn these exciting hands-on workshops, students will learn how to affect the whole person in practical Thai Massage sessions performed on the massage table. Clients can be fully/partially clothed and no oil, lotion or gel is needed. This invigorating and yet relaxing Thai table massage will suit your active, healthy clients who have highly physical or stressful lifestyles. This type of bodywork is an increasingly popular and requested modality for the work place, corporate and/or industrial settings, health/yoga retreats, health spas, gyms, sports events, and clinical settings.
Introduction to Thai Massage Continuing
read moreOur two day hands on (12 CE hours) Thai massage training class is a sample of what Traditional Thai Massage has to offer. This Thai massage class is perfect if you just want to incorporate basic Thai bodywork techniques into your work or if you want to try Thai massage before committing to the full Thai Certification Program. It's also a fun way to learn some new techniques while fulfilling your continuing education hours for Florida, Louisiana or NCBTMB license renewal. Participants will learn how to integrate basic Thai Massage routines into their existing massage practice.
Thai Foot Massage Continuing Education
read moreOur Thai Foot Massage and Thai Reflexology training classes are another wonderful extra Thai treatment to be able to be offer your clients. This hands-on course focuses on Traditional Thai techniques for working on the feet to balance and treat the whole body. This traditional healing technique works on the muscular, nervous, circulatory, endocrine and lymphatic systems to ease tension, improve blood/lymph circulation, remove toxins, and balance energy/ki or life force to improve overall health.
Complete Course List
read moreFor more details about a particular course, click on the course name. All courses are scheduled with a maximum number of attendees to allow for the highest quality of instruction and hands-on experience, so please register early. This two-day class is designed to give you the flavor of Traditional Thai Massage, and it is perfect for those interested in exploring a new modality but unsure if this ancient technique is right for you. This is a practical, hands-on class designed to give you tools you can immediately incorporate into your existing massage practice.
Discovering the Chakras
read moreThis series is designed as a multi-dimensional approach for understanding, balancing and healing our chakra energy system. It provides participants with dynamic tools for personal and professional growth and encompasses a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to energy awareness, energy medicine and personal growth. All ancient paradigms are based on the understanding that through balancing our energetic being we also heal the physical body, and this series gives you practical hands-on tools for doing exactly that.
Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
read moreAs with all ancient Hawaiian teachings, there are different lineages and teachers of Lomilomi. Each will have a slightly different technique. One is not better than another; they are just different, the important thing is the focus, intent and love of the practitioner. There are many different styles of Hawaiian massage and different names for each style. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what style of LomiLomi you want to practice, the common thread that runs through it all is the unconditional Spirit of Aloha, the total respect, honor and sacredness in everything.
Sacred Stone Massage
read moreThese two workshops go beyond basic protocols to introduce an array of possibilities when integrating stones into your massage practice. By combining the warm/cool stones with a deep flowing massage, you will enhance your massage techniques in any modality you are trained in resulting in an extremely soothing massage session for your clients while saving the wear and tear on your hands and wrist. This class is designed to show you the benefits and contraindications of using hot/cold stones while providing full-body hands-on demonstrations; guided hands-on will help you to integrate one of the most requested spa services into your massage-therapy-routines.
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