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Religious Organization in Sandy, UT Do you want a marriage that is rock solid? If you're engaged or newly married, don't miss our four-week Rock Solid marriage class at 9:00 a.m. On Saturday mornings starting September 25 at the downtown location. The class will cover the purposes of marriage as well as roles, in-laws, communication, conflict, money, love, sex, time management, parenting, and The Great Commission. Please note that all couples who wish to be married at The Rock will need to complete this class.

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1369 East 10600 South
Sandy, UT
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read moreWhat if beyond your circumstances, your successes, and your failures, there could be complete wholeness? What if there could be unbreakable joy? What if beyond the noise of the day and the quiet of the night there was a God who made you, perfectly understands you, and loves you with a never-ending, never breaking love? In all of human history, there has never been a person more controversial, more hated, and more loved than Jesus Christ. Time has revolved around Him; cities have been built to honor Him; songs have been sung to worship Him; and countless men and women have laid down their lives to defend Him.
read moreOur main objective in children's ministry is to provide a nurturing, caring environment for all children to experience and learn about the love of Jesus Christ. Nursery care is lovingly provided for children up to the age of four, while kindergarten through fifth graders participate in a variety of exciting adventures that rotate each week. The goal is to teach a Bible story through kid-friendly activities such as games, arts and crafts, and video. Whatever the ages of your children, we are committed to communicating the character of Christ in a tangible and practical way.
read moreThe last statement made by Christ on earth is known as the Great Commission. It's a call to all who follow Christ to share with others how a relationship with Jesus has changed their lives. We seek to accomplish this not only through sharing with our neighbors, co-workers and friends, but by also engaging with the world as a whole. On a frequent basis, The Rock Church sends teams of people around the world to share the Gospel. We've traveled to places like Honduras, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Romania and Germany.
read moreBaptism has nothing to do with a person actually receiving eternal life - that's a free gift. But getting baptized should be one of our first steps of obedience after accepting salvation through Jesus Christ. Baptism is a public testimony identifying a believer with Christ. In New Testament times, slaves were often baptized after they were sold. This showed the community that the slave now belonged to a new master. In the same way, by being baptized a new believer is declaring to everyone that he now belongs to Christ.
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