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Air Conditioning Company in Arvada, CO We're a domestic/commercial replacement heating and cooling installation and service contractor. We sell, install & service forced air furnaces and hot water systems, plus accessories. Feel free to browse and see what we currently have to provide. Call and ask for a free detailed estimate. Our service is performed by expertly trained, experienced and friendly technicians. All work 100% guaranteed to your satisfaction, units and parts come with manufacturer warranties.

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read moreWhen most people think of Colorado they envision our gorgeous winter snow, but for those of us that live here, the sweltering summer sun can be pretty intense. The worst feeling in the world is having your air conditioner give up on you when it's 90. Whether you need service on your zoned air control or have questions about retrofitting your home with a ductless mini-split system, we are well-equipped to meet any of your air conditioning needs. You have an appliance that runs nearly year-round that you probably only think about when it breaks down - your furnace or boiler.
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read moreDenver is an extraordinary city, with our incredible winters and even more spectacular summers it's the type of place you move to and put down some roots. Well that's exactly what Jim Sanders andDan Johnson did when theystarted Sanders & Johnson back in 1977. Because we rely on our customers to such a great extent, we know how important it is to provide total satisfaction, and personalized customer service. Give us a call today at 303-422-6606 and one of our experts will come out to your home and give you atotally free estimateon any installations you might need.
read moreAir ducts are an important part of your home's central heating and air conditioning system. They move and distribute air around your home to help keep it comfortable. Unfortunately, air ducts are. Your home's air conditioning and heating system is one of your biggest investments. Not only is it responsible for keeping you and your family nice and comfortable all year long, but it's also.
read moreDon't look now, but summer is over and the temperatures outside are plummeting. Denver is already starting to experience some cold nights and mornings, but the true cold is on the horizon. Did you wake up this morning only to realize that your furnace or boiler gave up on you in the middle of the night? All that beautiful Colorado snow comes with a price, and that price is enduring. Some people may think that it necessary to constantly crank up the heater or the furnace to make sure that they stay warm making their heating bill outrageous.
Heating Services in Denver
read moreFor up to 9 months of the year, our beloved Denver and surrounding area will remain at or under 70 degrees outside. This means that your heating system will be running almost year-round. We are glad to help you find the best and most efficient way to heat your home on practically any budget. Perhaps the most important but easiest forgotten appliance in your home, your furnace is probably the only thing between you and freezing temperatures for several months of the year. This is why we take furnace servicing and pre-maintenance very seriously and only install trusted parts from the top brands.
read moreWhat do you need to do to keep your cooling system running efficiently? First call Sanders & Johnson for your scheduled regular maintenance for your air conditioning equipment. Ask us about. March, the green month! Everyone starts thinking about spring and summer and finally sunshine! Every March you should have on your calendar, "Beat the Heat" and have our service technician at. If you've never hired a Denver heating and air conditioning contractor before, you might not know where to start. Finding a reputable contractor is actually pretty easy.
Air conditioning repair Denver
read moreAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home accounts for 43% of your average utility bill. That's a huge chunk of your energy costs, so it only makes sense that you. It's hot outside and you go to turn on your home's air conditioner so you and your family can stay nice and cool. Wait, what's that? It's not working. Your air conditioner is failing and your. It's every homeowner's worst nightmare-your air conditioning unit breaks down, leaving your family hot and miserable.
read moreWe all remember back in the day when we learnedabout how everything exists in a liquid, gas, orsolid state. Well an air conditioner works by exploiting these basic principles. Did you know that. So, your upstairs is not cooling? When you walk upstairs on a hot day, does it seem 15 degrees hotter up there than downstairs? You can't turn the thermostat all the way down without freezing. As the temperatures continue to rise outside, now is the time of year that you'll be relying on your home's air conditioner to keep your family cool and comfortable.
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