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Drain Services in Erie, PA We are aware there are other providers of plumbing services, but there is a great difference in offers. We clear your drains, NOT your wallets! Heres what you get when you call on us: Fast service because we know how inconveniencing plumbing issues can be for you. Friendly customer service that exceeds your expectation. Industrial strength equipment to serve you better and faster. Professional and expert service from our large team of Erie plumbers. Affordability, because we are so experienced we know where to help you cut costs. All we require in return for o-ur wonderful offer is a great review and of course we would like you to refer us to your family and friends in Erie.
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read moreOur exceptional staff of technicians is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, to handle whatever emergency you may have, whether it is a broken pipe, clogged drain or sewer, or any other issue related to your plumbing. Our experienced and highly trained staff has been in the industry for years, so we know how to handle any issue related to plumbing professionally and cost-effectively.
High Pressure Jetting
read moreOver time, drains can get clogged because of grease, dirt, hair, soap residue and more. Its a problem that many, if not all, homeowners, commercial businesses, and establishments will have to deal with at some point. When this happens, people often reach for the plunger, but sometimes it takes a more powerful method to remedy the situation. Among those methods is high-pressure jetting, which we at Savings Sewer & Drain have mastered for you.


Kathy Fisher
read moreWhen the sewer backed up on a Saturday night I was concerned about how long we would have to wait and how much the job would cost. Savings Sewer and Drain had no problem coming right away and had at a price much lower then I had expected. Friendly and professional and I highly recommend them!!
Morgan Bruinsma
read moreCalled a few other sewer companies and no one could be there for a few days but savings was there in 15 minutes and cleared out years of blockage. They looked over all the plumbing and offered to run more line to double check it was cleared.. now our drains are working great! They were fast and affordable.. definitely will be using them in the future.
Jodi DeHaas
read moreI called Savings Sewer and Drain when my basement backed up and they came over that same night. They charged less than anyone else I used and did a great job. I will definitely call them again.
Corey Sayles
read moreI've dealt with a number of plumbing companies throughout Erie County, Savings Sewer and Drain is by far the most professional and affordable. They showed up to my house in less than an hour and took care of the clogged drain I had in no time. Highly recommended!
read moreI had such a clogged main line with roots every where ...i called Jason Orr he gave me a quote and said be at my house at a certain time he showed up early i never thought they would get it unclogged but by god they did it ...and they were so much cheaper than i i will call them every 6 months to check and clean my drain...cant thank you guys enough... Thanks So Much!!!
Jack Goode
read moreThis year 2018, I needed 'Savings Sewer and Drain' to diagnose a sewer back up in my kitchen. Licky split they showed up, and diagnosed the problem and resolved it expeditiously. A month later again I had a problem, but this time it was in the bathroom. Fortunately, I had their magnet advertisement on my refrig. Bingo, the same expertise service and resolution. Excellent service twice is unheard of today. They are for real. Wish I could give them 10 stars.
Melissa Whalen
read moreWonderful experience. Called with a clogged basement drain, they came within a couple of hours, arrived early. Would highly recommend and definitely will call again. Thank you!!!
Corey Sayles
read moreI've dealt with a number of plumbing companies throughout Erie County, Savings Sewer and Drain is by far the most professional and affordable. They showed up to my house in less than an hour and took care of the clogged drain I had in no time. Highly recommended!

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Savings Sewer & Drain
read moreOur team remains the qualified choice for any issue. We stay committed to general plumbing service, and we specialize in clogged drain Erie PA solutions. We work quickly to save you more on your service call, and we remain the convenient choice throughout the community. Wherever you happen to live, we stay the fastest drain cleaning company Erie PA solution. It's challenging to finish feeling clean when the soapy water remains stuck at your ankles. When your bathtub and shower drain experience annoying clogs, you can't wait another moment before calling a professional plumbing contractor in Erie PA.
About Us
read moreIt can be stressful enough trying to call a plumbing contractor during the day, and nearly impossible late at night. And when it's an issue that can't wait another second, like ruptured pipes and clogged sewer lines, you can't hold off until everyone else is back in the office. Savings Sewer and Drain understand that when you have a plumbing emergency, you need someone there now. And because ignoring the situation will only allow it to become a more severe issue, you need us arriving as quickly as possible whenever you need us.
Plumbing Services Erie PA
read moreWhen you encounter plumbing issues, you want the best plumbers Erie PA has to repair your home. And at Savings Sewer & Drain, we fix more plumbing items than anyone else. To remain the best, we offer more types of service options to solve more issues you might experience. However, it's just a question of time before plumbing fixtures and pipes begin showing signs of aging, resulting in leaks, ruptures, and clogs. We provide our best technicians 24-hours each day who are ready to tackle even the worst emergency that you have, be it ruptured pipes, clogged drains, sewer line issues, and any other plumbing needs that you find.
Drain Cleaning Services Erie PA
read moreWhen you need quality plumbing repairs for less, Savings Sewer & Drain provides the drain cleaning services you need at pricing you can afford. From bathrooms with clogged toilets to homes suffering from a clogged drain in Erie, PA, we continue providing the best in fast and affordable expert repair solutions. Our team provides a broad range of services for any drain and clog. Whether you need us at your residence or business, we have the services you can trust to keep your pipes clean and free of debris.
Sewer Cleaning Erie PA
read moreMany homeowners that discover a plumbing issue inside of their house fail to realize that it's likely related to a problem with their sewer lines and drains which require professional cleaning service. When the issue stems from clogged sewer systems and plumbing drains, you need a qualified plumber. The culprit is usually lingering obstructions and buildups of body oils, cooking grease, hair, and soap residue. And when these clogged lines lead into your home's sewer system, it can create a situation where the contaminated water starts backing up throughout the house through the plumbing lines.
Plumbing Repair Erie PA
read moreEventually, homeowners encounter a plumbing issue that needs an immediate response. More often, it's because they attempted to fix their clogged fixtures and slow drains with repair techniques and suggestions they found on the Internet. What you may not realize is that minor problems are usually signs of significant issues that require a professional. If you're not certain how to repair something, the situation can quickly worsen. Savings Sewer & Drain remains the expert repair service option for more plumbing issues like leaking faucets, running toilets, weak water pressure, and clogged drains.
Clogged Drain Cleaning Erie PA
read moreNo matter how new they might be now, all plumbing fixtures will eventually encounter problems. Toilets that won't flush, slow drains, and bathtubs all need maintenance. Savings Sewer & Drain always has the right solution for any slow drain or inoperable fixture, no matter which room in the house requires our services. We guarantee faster repairs for your clogged pipes, and increased performance for longer for bathrooms, kitchens, residences and commercial spaces, allowing you to return to your daily responsibilities faster.
High Pressure Jetting Erie PA
read moreEach time you take a shower, wash your hands, or clean your clothes and dishes, you're sending dirt, grime, oils, and soap residues down into your drains. Over time, you discover repeated clogs that never seem to go away despite how many times you reach for a plunger or snake. Our experienced plumbing professionals know that the straightforward solutions aren't always the ones that you need now. We still want to be the reliable choice for all your repair needs, including advanced techniques to clear away any clog.
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