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Computer Store in Sacramento, CA With gas prices soring and time of the essence, most people do not have time or the energy to disconnect the computer, take it in for service, wait several days, go back to the store to pick it up. Nor do you want just any one enter your safe place, be that home or your individual computer which contains all kinds of valuable and individual information, especially these days! A brief summary to outline additional services that are tailored to fit your personal, professional or corporate requirements.

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Savvy & Saved Systems Specialists
read morePlease answer each item above to provide as much system and user information necessary to determine a solution strategy based on your details and outline of the problem. Please be sure to include your preferred service date and time. Use this area to describe in details the problems or concerns you have about your personal computer, laptop or other device. If your service type selection is "Instant Support" please outline the details with times and dates for service. Remember to give us as much information as possible.
Savvy & Saved Systems Specialist
read moreUse this space to indicate the specific criteria for your report like, page header & footer details, summaries, counts, formulas, etc. *Please provide as much information possible for best results.* Use this space to provide any additional information or points of interest, thoughts on how report should be structured, stack, stepped or matrix type report for example.
Savvy & Saved Systems Specialists
read moreWe are an online support site! We are technology professionals specializing in providing answers & solutions! We are trained & certified Professionals in Crystal, SQL, Oracle and Access data Reporting. We also provide state of the art methodologies in simplifying pc repair issue.
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