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Internet Services in Phoenix, AZ SEO Savvy was established in 2006 by 3 specialists with diverse knowledge in all kinds of Search Optimization, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing and PPC management. We've been implementing search optimization and successful Internet marketing strategies since 2003. We're located in Long Beach, CA (Downtown, East Village Arts District) with remote partners in Phoenix, AZ. Our specialty is universal Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and PPC Management.

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read moreOur close-knit team of experienced, inventive professionals spend a lot of time understanding the digital landscape, so we know what it takes to stay ahead of the competition, deepen customer engagement and create lasting results. We get your business seen online.
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read moreFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube-that's where more than half of the country is consuming content, and that content inspires lifestyle and purchasing decisions. These are MISSED OPPORTUNITIES without magnetic social media marketing. Knowing when and where to share will help you reach your target audience, but resonating will require much more: understanding them. How? Consumer Research. Data Aggregation. Analytics. Market Segmentation. Persona Building. Customized Marketing. It's a rigorous yet delicate process that's better left to professionals.
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read moreThirty-eight percent of our daily media interactions occur on smartphones, according to Google. We use local mobile search when we need a quick, immediate answer to a question, often when we're out and about, but even at work or at home when sitting down at a computer just isn't fast enough. This means that customers searching for your business on smartphones are primed to take immediate action. Paying attention to local mobile search results and what your potential customers are searching for is key to converting these highly qualified leads.
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read moreMobile, mobile, mobile-it's where people spend most of their online time these days: whether their kids are sick and they need to look up flu symptom stat, pay a bill, watch a funny video a friend sent, or even plan their next vacation, people are increasingly grabbing their smartphones and tablets to complete tasks online. 1 Always seeking to better accommodate mobile searchers, Google is making mobile site speed a ranking factor. Introducing: the 'Speed Update.' Here's what you need to know. Starting in July 2018, mobile page speed will be a ranking factor.
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read moreThe world around is full of marketing messages competing for attention. There's an estimate that consumers are exposed to an average of 5,000 of these messages per day. The Internet can be a competitive space when marketing your product or service. If you've got something to sell or to say, you want to stand out and attract visitors, but getting someone to visit to your site is only half of the battle. With mere seconds on your side before a visitor to your website decides to stay or move on, you've got to employ as many smart tactics as you can to encourage them to stay.
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