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High School in Boulder, CO September High School is the longest running independent high school in the city of Boulder, and we are pleased to be celebrating our 37th anniversary this year. Our innovative approach to education has a proven track record and is accredited by the North Central Association. Take a look at our site and see all that we currently have to provide. Hart Lipton 1989 - 2010. We're all deeply saddened by the news of Hart Lipton's passing. He was a shining star, in his 3rd semester at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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1902 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO
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September School
read moreStudents learn what they need to succeed academically. We explore learning styles and offer accommodations to any student who finds they benefit from them. Students with learning differences all learn together. We see each student as a holistic individual and value social-emotional growth AND academic progress. Teenagers are developing important life skills such as self-advocacy, conflict resolution, stress-management, and empathy. Classes in human development, mindfulness, group dynamics, and yoga alongside math, science, English, and social studies develop well rounded individuals.
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read moreFor more than 40 years, September School has been one of the most progressive high schools in Boulder, Colorado, providing relationship-based education, learning, and achievement opportunities in academic and personal growth for students in grades 9-12. While other high schools in Boulder focus exclusively on academics, September School values social and emotional learning in addition to traditional academic growth. When students are empowered to collaborate, support, and understand themselves and the diversity around them, there is an inherent desire to want to learn.
Private School Cost in Boulder
read moreSeptember School is a supportive learning community that helps teens with both academic success and the skills needed to thrive after high school. Our relationship-based learning model provides a supportive environment that helps kids accept and cherish their differences as they learn how to relate to the world in the way that's right for them. When considering private school cost, we understand that families must weigh their options carefully. At September School, we are committed to helping teens who would benefit from our programs and community culture attend our school.
read moreWe fund raise thousands of additional dollars per student beyond the cost of tuition annually to maintain the programming that enables our students to thrive. We have rolling admissions throughout the year. Please contact the school to schedule a tour and learn more information.
Progressive Education in Boulder
read moreSince 1973, September School has provided progressive education programs that address the emotional, social, and academic education of our students. Our programs help teens address social and emotional learning as much as academic growth. We're about whole-person learning that inspires teenagers to engage and be themselves on the path of education. Our program is here for teens of all backgrounds who are dealing with a variety of issues. We serve teenagers in grades 9-12 who exhibit aptitude, learning disabilities, boredom, frustration, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or drug abuse.
High Schools in Boulder
read moreThe road that brought you and your teen to September School may have been one you never expected. Challenges, uncertainties, and fears often call for bravery and change to turn problems into opportunity. You're not alone in the search for the support you need, and you won't be alone as we move forward to new beginnings. What sets us apart from other high schools in Boulder is our commitment to community. We know the people we surround ourselves with are the biggest way to change our attitude. By cultivating a community of actively involved young people who support each other and build each other up, we're providing a foundation to the rest of their educational experience.
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