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Martial Arts Club in Sandy, UT
Martial Arts Club in Sandy, UT In North America, over the past sixty years, Shaolin kung Fu Chuan Fa and Tai Chi Chuan, was taught to family members and select friends. It is a Gar system, or family system, pasted down from family member to family member and at times thier close friends. Other Martial Arts organizations were involved from time to time but all lacked depth and unity resulting in the organization known as Shaolin Arts. A name designed to give credit where credit was due: To the great history of the arts and the many Masters who have honored it, both past and present.

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8536 S 1300 E
Sandy, UT
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read moreI wanted to take a little time and thank you for some of the things your instruction have done for my son Eric. Sixteen months ago, he started out totally focused on kick boxing. You kindly but firmly informed him that a few basics were in order, then other things would follow. Many good things have followed. Eric has a hard time staying with a task. I have been very pleased with the patience shown him, the reminders at appropriate intervals, and diversity of training that eliminates boredom. He comes home after nearly every lesson having learned a new technique, a new defense and wants to tell us all about it.
Shaolin Arts
read moreSince Asia has had such a huge influence on martial arts, kung fu, karate, tai chi, etc. and the area we now call China has largely influenced Asia the following timetable is provided as taken from the writings of Kenneth Hammond, Professor of History and East Asian Languages. When I came to Shaolin Arts I had one thing in mind, "I wanted to learn to fight". In the two years I have studied I have indeed learned to fight but I also have begun to understand what it means to be a martial artist. Through the strengthening of my mind and body I have become a calmer, more confident person.
Shaolin Arts
read moreI started my training at Shaolin Arts in my mid 50's. I was looking for some form of exercise that would keep my body toned and agile. When I attended my first lesson, I was somewhat hesitant and self-conscious. But, as the classes moved forward, I knew I was in the right place; the atmosphere was inviting, friendly, and accepting. And the exercise routines, animal fighting techniques, combinations, and forms, offered by Shaolin Arts were, and still are, challenging, and energizing. Everyone is going to age chronologically, but how we age in body and mind is up to us as individuals.
read moreIt has been adapted into a generic term meaning Martial Art, but it literally means 'how to defend yourself with empty hands.' Karate is part of the complete system taught at Shaolin Arts. There are a myriad of kicks, multi hand strikes, stances, grabs, and patterns or techniques thousands of years old to utilize, for control, to heal with and to energize. In the end you just have to experience Karate to understand the reward of maximizing your body in the study of Karate. At Shaolin Arts, our goal is excellence in all we do.
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