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Car Wash Services in Oxnard, CA DWG International is the pioneer in waterless and water-saving technologies, the only firm that manufactures and distributes the world famous Waterless Car Wash product, DRI WASH 'n GUARD. We provide a comprehensive line of auto and home products that take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs. But maybe the greatest feature of our products is that they are easily demonstrated in thirty seconds or less. 1000's of people are already running successful home-based businesses, making nice money.

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Oxnard, CA
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Shelby & Lauren Investments
read moreWhat can be said that hasn't already been said about DRI WASH 'n GUARD Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze. A product that speaks for itself when you open the bottle. But recently a new phrase was coined for the incredible DRI WASH 'n GUARD Waterless Car Wash / Auto polish and that is "Simply the Best." And now it is simply better. Rod Yanke, DWG International founder, is always working to make the best product even better. And now it is again. You can recognize the new product by the bottle.
Welcome to the City of Dreams Leadership
read moreOne of my dreams is to provide superior support of your dreams and your goals in this exciting year. To achieve that dream, I have created the Leadership Call WEB page to provide meaningful training and direct support through a monthly call and web page rendering of that call. You should be able to visit this page and get duplicateable training when and where you need it and be proud to share this web page with your prospects. The first topics were suggested by a number of leaders in the organization.
Welcome to the DriWashCity Newsletter
read moreWelcome to the Newsletter Page for the "The Citizen" From the City of Dreams. A Stafford Distributorship Newsletter, Independent Distributors for DWG International™. The Citizen is written quarterly to help distributors of all types. We hope you find the articles useful and feel free to duplicate the articles to use in your business. 1-Editors Message, 1-Humans Exist Through Conversation, 2-Great Product Pricing for the Holidays, 3-Director Upgrade, Save Now & in the Future, 3-DWG International Conference, 3-Annual Renewals.
Welcome to DriWashCity Products
read moreNew Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra-ION™ is specifically designed for the 21st century paints used on cars manufactured since the year 2000. It's Ionic Technology helps repel dust from your vehicle's surface as well as reducing and removing existing minor feather scratches as you apply and buff the painted surfaces. DRI WASH 'n GUARD ULTRA-ION™ will give a deeper, richer shine than any other product in the vehicle appearance industry. It is extremely aggressive in emulsifying all organic matter as well as bugs, bird droppings and tar and like DRI WASH 'n GUARD CLASSIC it works exceptionally well on glass, mirrors and chrome!
DriWashCity Welcomes You to the
read moreHello everyone from DriWashCity and the City of Dreams. DWG International in 2003 is committed to making everyone as successful in the Dri Wash business as they want to be. To that end, they have created a tool that everyone can use and everyone can see themselves doing the business using this tool. I am talking about the DWG High Profile Table. Distributors are earning profits of $20, $30, $50 and as high as $70 per hour with the table. Please begin by viewing the short introduction. A few of the teleconference may seem a bit long but you must ask yourself, how much time are you willing to invest to learn a new technique to make more money?
read moreThere is much to be inspired about with DWG International in 2004 and 2003. There have been a number of teleconferences and other events the speaks volumes about the incredible opportunity and the leadership of DWG International. I have captured, composed and published these presentations to assist you in making your life in the "City of Dream" much easier. As you view and enjoy these presentations, I know you will be dreaming of how to use the information contained in these presentations to achieve your dreams.
Welcome to the Book of the Month
read moreThe Book of the Month Club is a distributor created, distributor run and distributor lead personal training club. If was founded by Joshua Owheya with the idea of creating a place and a team to read and review MLM related books. The Book of the month club is an incredible opportunity to get a discount while doing personal development in your DWG business. The web page has something for everyone. If you just want to listen to audio or make a tape or CD to play in your car, right click on the MP3 file and save the file to disk.
Citizen of the City of Dreams Foundation
read moreThe "Citizen of the City of Dreams Foundation" is an nonprofit foundation that is set up to fulfill a dream that Leonette and I have had for years. Over the years as Leonette and I have volunteered our time around our communities we have dreamed of being able to give in a special way to youth organizations, special scholarships or community involvement programs. The "Citizen of the City of Dreams Foundation" is the fulfillment of that dream. One of the greatest opportunities of working in the Wealth Building Industry, WBI as Drew Earl calls it, is to dream bigger than life and to make a positive difference in lives of others.
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