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Doors & Windows Company in Katy, TX Garage Door Repair Texas City is one of the most trustworthy and reputable garage repair and installation providers for residential and commercial buildings in Texas. We strongly believe in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality work. We value your time and money, so we strive to provide reasonably priced service in an expedient fashion.

We have in our employ licensed experts and professionals who can accomplish repairs and installations of garage door in Texas City. We value, ensure, and promote a healthy working relationship with our clients, staff, and employees. Our primary concern is the safety of your home and your properties. We aim to turn our clients into loyal customers who trust that wed be able to provide optimum quality service.

We offer a complete 25-point inspection with every door repair or installation to check the systems operation thoroughly. This control method ensures that the installation is functioning properly. Do not trust just any company with your service and your money.

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read moreWe are happy to provide assistance with a new door installation. We can also assist in the selection of the right doors for your home or business. We hope to ensure that your choice would provide the optimum security for your family and property. Installation includes the fitting and setting up of the door itself, the cables, track, springs, hinges, locks, handles, and rollers. Our garage door services Texas City is thorough and competent.
read moreOften, the door only needs to be corrected. Our certified specialists will inspect your door and provide an accurate assessment of the problem. Once theyve identified the cause, they will suggest a practical and affordable solution. Our company is equipped to handle a wide array of problems including broken rollers, tracks, cables, and sections as well as annoyingly noisy doors.
read moreSimples maintenance service has been proven and tested to be efficient. The property crime in the city lowered and the number of criminals declined. We also care about your financial security so the price rate of our services are affordable and reasonable. Commissioning our services is money well spent. We make use of all our resources, man power, and machinery to maintain the high standard of our maintenance services.


Helmut Mark
read moreThe service that I got from this company got me floored. They were great. First of all they were on the dot when it came to the time of the appointment. Second, the repairman never pushed me into getting an up sell of their services. Next is that the he actually took the time to answer all of my questions. Lastly, he took a detailed look into the problems my garage door had and explained to me what happened and what kind of service needs to be done to have it fixed. In my opinion, his attention to detail was second to none. Lastly, before he went, he gave my door a one-around look to see if everything is working right without asking for extra.
Jake Smith
read moreMoved in to my new house just this week and unfortunately the garage door broke down. Since is have my family with me, I knew I had to get it fixed at the soonest possible time. I looked through the internet and read through some reviews. Finally I chose Garage Door Repair Company and set up a schedule with them to look at my garage door. After just 15 minutes, I got a call back from their representative who asked for a confirmation about the meeting between them and me. We agreed on a time for the next day. And as promised they came on the appointed time the following day. The repairman, John was very helpful and gave an immediate diagnosis of the problem and got it fixed.
Veronica Mills
read moreIm amazed at the promptness and the quality of service that Garage Door Repair Company gave to me. A spring in my garage door snapped. I immediately called them and in no time, they were able to send their service team to have a look at my garage door. The team was very professional and very courteous to me and my husband which something that we really for in service oriented companies. They gave their analysis and how much the service and part would cost. Their honesty is one of the things that we definitely appreciate. In a couple of hours, they were able to replace the spring. This is one company that we know we will call if ever the need arises again in the future.

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Simple Garage Door Repair
read moreSimple Garage Door Repair in Texas City, TX specialise in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services, ranging from installation of doors and panels to installation of other new parts. Your family may hardly use your garage for other purposes except car or bike storage, but it doesn't mean that it's not as important as the rest of your home. Your garage is where you store your car, bicycle, and other properties. Over the years, you've probably filled it up with car accessories and other items.
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read moreImagine coming home to a car garage that refuses to open. It can be frustrating and incredibly annoying when all you want to do is park your car and relax on the couch with a glass of wine. Often, you would likely try to look for the source of the problem. Unfortunately, the cause isn't always that easy to find. It is not always apparent. The best way to deal with the problem is to look for a provider of garage door Texas City. Garage Door Repair Texas City is one of the most trustworthy and reputable garage repair and installation providers for residential and commercial buildings in Texas.
Garage Door Services
read moreGarage Doors Texas City is a garage door service Texas City. We specialize in residential and commercial repair and installation of all brands of doors and openers. We are there for you whenever you need us. Do you need your door fixed? We can do it today! Perhaps, you're concerned about the cost of the repair or installation. Rest assured that the prices are lower now than they were before. For instance, replacing a spring or roller can be affordable if you choose to hire our service than if you try to do it yourself.
read moreYou want your life to be a whole lot easier? Simple, take good care of your garage door. How to do that, you ask? First things first, acknowledged the fact that there is something wrong with your garage door. Most people are passive when it comes to providing the necessary garage door repairs and replacements. We can't sit idly by while the people of the beautiful Texas City are having a hard time with their garage doors. Here in Garage Doors Texas City, we offer nothing but the best garage door services.
read moreYou can quite easily inspect the roller systems that help the smooth running of a garage door. These rollers are made from polyurethane, nylon, or steel. It should be easy to detect if they become worn or damaged. The hinges locking the rollers into their tracks may start coming loose. These will need tightening up to the right tension. Tracking may become bent, distorted, or blocked with debris. Any problems there could be quickly picked up during a regular monthly survey. Again, bring in the experts in Texas City TX.
read moreWhen you mention rollers with garage doors, you either pertain to the type of the garage door panel or the wheel- like part of the garage door. Let's talk about both of those descriptions to shed some light for our future customers who are having trouble with their garage doors. Here in Garage Door Repair Texas City, we offer only the best garage door services to our customers in Texas City, Texas. These may be repairs, replacements, maintenance, or installations. When it comes to garage door conundrums, it's simple.
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