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Guttering Services in Seattle, WA
Guttering Services in Seattle, WA I would have to say my little venture all began with the inspiration of my Grandfather who seemed to me to have the finest job of all, his own business. As I sat their when I was four and thought of all the things one could do for a living, which was beautiful limited at the time to Firemen, Police, Lawyers, Doctors, Pilots, and a few others, I felt the most liberty when I thought of working for myself like my Grandfather. Going through each career their seemed to be something that just didn't fit about each job I thought of.

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read moreI would have to say this little venture all started with the inspiration of my Grandfather who seemed to me to have the best job of all, his own business. I personally started simply as a handyman for two years in 1995. Then in 1997, I got inspired by the simplicity and clear satisfaction of cleaning someone's property like new. I have decided to keep Simple Joys small to find a nice balance between work and life, which works well to keep a high quality, personal service. I am very careful who I hire and work very closely with our employees.
Gutter Guard Installation
read moreWe offer two affordable, strong yet light weight, Stainless Steel Micro Mesh Gutter guard systems for you to choose from. Both systems use high quality components and manufacturing processes. There is a lot of hype out there about gutter guards and a lot of it just isn't fully honest and over promises at a high cost. First not everyone will benefit from gutter guards at the going rate most companies charge, and second none of them are perfect for every situations without a little maintenance of the roof.
Roof Scraping & Treatment
read moreRoof Moss Treating/Natural Cleaning done properly can be a Safe and effective way to extend the life of your roof while helping keep your house looking in top shape. We recommend the safest gentlest option to clean-treat your roof. Because of the fragile nature of the small rocks coating this kind of roof we offer light scrape and treatment process. The scraping is only to pop off moss 1/4 inch or greater in height, the mechanical action, or what some call low pressure (pressure washing) needed to remove moss can also remove the roofing granules.
Gutter Cleaning
read moreFree flowing gutters can give you peace of mind that your house is protected from the sometimes pervasive NW rain. Gutter cleaning while not most people's favorite is one of the most important things you can do to protect your house from unneeded problems. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have and set an appointment to give you clean gutters along with peace of mind. The average house can do with one to two cleanings a year but some houses that get debris all year long, from evergreens and even some deciduous trees, will need to be cleaned up to quarterly, while some houses with no trees can go at least a few years before they need to clean their gutters.
Window Cleaning
read moreWindow Cleaning is our pride and joy! Simple, clean, and elegant, Window Cleaning can make the shining difference to your homes appearance and upkeep. We wash your windows by hand and use Professional tools for Professional results! Window pricing is per pane + trip charge, not window, or grouping of panes. For exterior only multiply by.6 or 60% + trip charge. Pricing is for regularly cleaned windows with little or no scrapping needed, and easy access.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
read moreSimple Joys offers this beneficial service at a reasonable price, especially when coupled with another service, to help make your Dryer Vent & Fans more efficient, safe, and energy efficient. We use a rotary tool to thoroughly clean the duck, lint trap, & fan area, and collect debris. Things that can increase the price: Needing to get behind dryer, hard to access. Needing to access attic, steep roofs, high vents, birds and droppings, extra longs pipes. We assume the vent tubing is all secured and can handle being cleaned without coming apart, which is almost always the case.
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