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Furniture Store in Waco, TX If you have trouble sleeping at night it may be due to your old flat bed. As you age you develop normal age related aches and pains. When you lie on your bed you force your curved body to fit your flat bed causing your body pain. What most of us don't realize is, when we feel pain our body is telling us something is wrong. It is telling us to stop what we are doing and immediately seek relief! However we ignore the pain and accept it as a normal part of getting older. Unfortunately ignoring pain for too long can turn a minor pain into a major problem. The discomfort and sleepless nights you are experiencing is your body telling you "I can't sleep on a flat bed anymore! It hurts! Please find a better way to sleep!" This may explain why you toss and turn all night, or why you are sleeping on the couch or in the recliner at night. As a result you wake up tired and exhasted. You wake up more tired in the morning than when you went to bed.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed with your head elevated and your legs slightly flexed can support the natural curve of your spine. Lying in this position your muscles relax and your eyelids become heavy. Adjustable beds can reduce the pressure you put on your achy muscles and joints at night giving your muscles a chance to relax and rest while you sleep. Those who sleep in an Magic Adjustable bed can notice that nighttime aches and pains are significantly reduced and sleep is induced faster and they sleep longer than when they slept on a flat bed. After you make the switch from sleeping on an old antiquated flat bed to a luxurious and comfortable Magic Adjustable bed you can begin waking up more rested in the morning then you have in years.
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read moreDear Sirs,
"I am enjoying my Sleep Magic Adjustable bed. I have sleep apnea and ankle swelling; since I have been sleeping in the this bed I no longer have to sleep with my CPAP and I no longer have swelling in the mornings. I am able to elevate my Sleep Magic bed to a comfortable position with the remote control to help me with my health problems. I am able to go to bed earlier and I sleep much longer at night. When I slept on my old flat bed it took me hours to fall a sleep. I would wake up with achy joints and I was more tired in the morning than when I went to bed. Your bed has changed all that for me. I feel a lot better now" Thank You Sleep Magic Adjustable Bed Co.
China Spring, Texas
read moreTo Whom It May Concern,

"I had not slept in my bed for the last 3 months. My breathing and my back was very uncomfortable. After they installed my Sleep Magic Adjustable bed I started sleeping in bed again. I am now sleeping good and my back is not bothering me. I am now able to get a good night sleep. This bed was a good investment for my health."
Kerens, Texas
read moreDear Sleep Magic,

"I no longer have a problem getting out of bed in the morning. Before I got the Sleep Magic Adjustable bed I would have to reach for my walking cane to get out of bed in the morning because I could not bend my right knee (Arthritis) after lying in my old bed at night. Now I can bend my knee without the pain I use to have. And my neck is much better too. I can get myself in my favorite position and it takes the pressure off my shoulders because I don't have to lie on my side any more. Take it from a retired nurse when I say this Sleep Magic Adjustable bed is really worth it. I regret one thing, I regret I did not buy the Sleep Magic Adjustable bed years ago. I suffered too long without it. Buy this wonderful Sleep Magic Adjustable bed. You will be glad you did." Sincerely, Ora.
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