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Disability Services in Indianapolis, IN Our company is dedicated to representing individuals who deserve redress for injury to person or property. We give each of our customers the individual attention that they deserve so that we can see that justice is done in each case that we handle. We recognize that each customer that we represent and each case that we handle is unique. Our mission is to right whatever wrong each of our customers has suffered within the framework of our civil justice system. We work hard/aim to protect the rights of each of our customers and to present their case in a way that maximizes the compensation to which they are entitled to completely and fairly compensate them for their injuries/the wrong that they have suffered.

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Smith Theodore F
read moreAn experienced Social Security Disability attorney can make a difference in your case. That attorney can help guide your case and you through thousands of statutes, regulations, rulings, and court decisions, all of which are important in helping win your case. The attorney can also help personalize your case so that the government can better understand why you are no longer able to work. The attorney can also help ease the normal fears of going through the appeal process by helping familiarize you with the system and alerting you to important matters that require your attention.
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read moreIf you are reading this web site, it is likely that the Social Security Administration DENIED you application for Social Security disability benefits. But why? The people who come to my law office suggest that they are too sick or too injured to work. Besides, they reason, if they could work, they would ("believe me Mr. Smith, if I could work, I would be the first one at the factory gates"). If we accept the premise that when a Social Security disability case pushes all of the necessary buttons to comply with Social Security's rules and regulations it is likely that the case will be approved for disability benefits.
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