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Doors & Windows Company in San Mateo, CA Solar Control Glass Tinting Company specializes in helping domestic and commercial property owners eliminate the effects of over exposure to the sun while maintaining the many benefits of having sunlight in your office or home. Following are just several of the benefits you will receive when working with Solar Control Glass Tinting Company. You'll get a Company with over thirty three years of knowledge and a proven track record of delivering quality service & installation. Domestic, Commercial and Interior Design references are available on our Forms and Rebates page.

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Solar Control Glass Tinting
read moreThank you for visiting Solar Control Glass Tinting Company online, Bay Area and San Francisco window film experts! The goal of our site is to provide you with information and tools to allow you to make an informed decision as it relates to all things solar control and window film. We encourage you to explore our site further and learn more about our available San Francisco window film solutions.
Bay Area Commercial Window Tint
read moreThe intensity of the California sun is always a challenge for builders and designers when it comes to determining the type and treatment of glass installed in a building. The problem is, when mistakes are made, it's the property manager's responsibility to correct it, which is exactly what happened to David Parsons at the Peri Executive Center in Walnut Creek. Commercial window tint services performed by Solar Control would turn the situation around. To solve the problem David Parsons called Solar Control, Bay Area commercial window tint experts, and we installed a total of 30,000 square feet at the site in just 6 weeks.
San Jose
read moreWith our Vista films protecting your building, you can optimize energy efficiency, prolonging the life of product displays and fine interiors, even create a more productive atmosphere. All the while ensuring superior optical clarity that preserves the natural light and open views that enrich today's commercial spaces. We also have non-reflective solutions that provide you with all of these benefits without the traditional reflective or shiny look. Vista comes in a new Non-Reflective ceramic window film throughout San Francisco.
Designer Input for Bay Area Window
read moreMy builder said I would lose my lifetime seal failure warranty if I put film on my windows! Our VISTA non-reflective ceramic and high performance film solutions will address each of these above issues. Today's fast-paced environment leads to changing needs of interior space. Reconfiguring an office area or a home, upgrading to a more upscale appearance, or simply a new owner can create a design challenge. Try our new non-reflective ceramic film by VISTA.
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