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Air Conditioning Company in Norfolk, VA We began out distributing and subsequently began manufacturing solar water heating systems - including solar thermal collectors using evacuated tube technology - equipment used to produce hot water for domestic and commercial applications. In addition to thermal products, we now manufacturer of many of the core items we sell including PV solar panels for electricity production, pool heating panels, DC air conditioners, and a green glycol product made from corn.

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Solar Panels Plus
read moreSPP leads the solar industry with a complete line of PV solar panels, evacuated tube and flat panel solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, and solar space heating and cooling products. SPP also provides all of the needed balance-of-system components like inverters, controllers, solar tanks, solar mounting hardware, glycol, and everything needed to complete a solar panel installation for solar thermal or solar electricity production. At SPP we know how to support our customers whether they be dealers, contractors, architects, or home owners.
About Us
read moreEstablished in 2006, Solar Panels Plus LLC (SPP) supports solar dealers nationwide and directly supports residential, commercial, and government customers in North Carolina and Virginia. SPP is an installer, distributor, and manufacturer of solar products with a focus on PV solar electric power, solar water heating, solar pool heaters, and solar heating and cooling solutions. SPP is committed to providing the most efficient, longest-lasting, state-of-the-art solar energy products in the world. SPP provides solar design and installation services, technical support, training, and is responsible for over 150,000 kilowatts of clean green solar power.
Solar Energy Systems
read moreBelow is a listing of solar products offered by us at Solar Panels Plus. We feature a wide variety of solar items, including solar hot water heaters, solar air conditioners, solar electric pv panels, and much more. Solar Panels Plus manufactures and distributes solar collectors for solar pool heating. These US-made solar pool heating panels are ideal for seasonal residential, commercial, and municipal applications.
Commercial Solar Systems
read moreUsing solar energy for your business is a cost effective, efficient way to drastically reduce - or eliminate - your monthly energy expenses. Whether you generate your own solar hot water, heat or cool using solar energy, or generate your own power using solar PV systems, solar energy is the perfect choice for any business - large or small. Solar swimming pool heaters are an excellent way to lower your company's energy bills using USA-made, durable, and environmentally friendly materials. Commercial solar heating systems are a cost-effective way to generate free hot water or space heating for your business by reducing your energy bills anywhere from 50 percent to 80 percent.
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