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Established in 1980, Spectrum Group Architects, P. C. Spectrum) is one of Montana's leading architectural companies. Spectrum's dedication to design and building quality have resulted in a portfolio that features many repeat customers. Spectrum's work ranges from architectural design and engineering of tiny cabins to master planning and design of entire multi building sites. The company has conceived, designed, and overseen the construction of projects that include corporate offices, financial institutions, government buildings, educational facilities, health care facilities, religious buildings, recreational.

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Mission Statement
read moreSpectrum Group Architects, P.C. is a professional design firm providing technical expertise to the communities of Montana and our region. We share a passion, with many others in our area, for preserving our heritage and natural beauty while recognizing the need for managed growth. By achieving a clear understanding of all aspects of a project through a collaborative client relationship, we have developed a special ability to assist our clients in achieving their unique architectural needs. Our clients have found Spectrum to be responsive and professional in representing their interests.
Interior Architecture
read moreSpectrum works to create meaningful spaces to improve the quality of life. Our architects guide our clients through the design process, leading the way toward solutions which resonate with the facility's users. Together, we will work with design components and piece them together into a unified cohesive design; the result will beinterior solutionsthatreflect the culture of our clients, and add lasting value to their properties. We believe that design must be grounded by the people who inhabit the space.
Historic Preservation
read moreSpectrum is committed to the preservation of the historic fabric of our wonderful architectural heritage; our historic structures are one of our most significant links to the past. Spectrum's preservation philosophy aims to refurbishexisting buildings, to connect the past with the present and the future. Each new project presents new opportunities.
read moreIt is our duty to make the world a better place; for Spectrum, architecture is that stratagem. Our goals are to captivate the imagination, excite the spirit, create buildings of enduring functionality, and give 'shape' to the world through places that inspire. By pursuing the path of unbiased collaboration, exploration, discovery, and innovation, Spectrum'sdesign culture transcends static beliefs and easy answers to support ourcuriosity and thoughtful questioning; wetransform chaos into order. We recognize that identifying the right problem to address is often 80% of the solution.
read moreEfficient Master Planning performs an indispensable role in defining your project, and sustaining your vision, for future generations; our focus throughout the planning process is our clients and their unique requirements. Spectrum's planning and design process effectively creates visions, generating options for the building's future; our proven techniques result in a straightforward project with concise business, aesthetic, and program goals. This collaborative process withthe building usersgathers many points of view into one, resulting in an enduring and successful project.
read moreSpectrum's connection to each client is based on an understanding of their individual needs, goals, and aspirations; our work is inspired from our clients' dreams. Our projects become an extension of their mission. This is revealed through our design process that focuses on creative processes toimprove staff spaces thatpromote efficiency, designing creative 21st Century Learning Environments, enhancing spiritual spaces for congregations, or creating custom and personal spaces for individual families.
read moreCollaboration is a guiding force at Spectrum. We believe the best solutions and designs result from an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. There are no pre-established formulas at Spectrum; we design each project to meet unique needs and conditions. Spectrum is a dedicated, talented, knowledgeable, and passionate team of professionals working toward a common vision to create something special and unique for each client. We tailor each project's process to meet your specific vision and desired outcomes.
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