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Tiling & Flooring Company in Gainesville, FL Most flooring removal machines are propane-fueled and emit smelly fumes and piercing noise. Not ours, Speedy Floor Removal is a green-friendly business. Speedy machines are battery-powered & emission free. Our trained pros know how to responsibly remove all debris and ensure it's disposed of or recycled in an environmental friendly manner. We leave a clean smooth surface that is ready for new flooring.

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Speedy Floor Removal
read moreSpeedy Floor Removal specializes in dustless floor removal and floor preparation services throughout the North Central Florida area. We use cutting-edge equipment to remove tile, carpet, hardwood flooring, and more. Our business works with locally-owned floor stores and flooring installers to bring you quality materials along with our expertise. Our goal is to help homeowners save money on their new flooring by providing free floor removal estimates and recommending the best local flooring stores and installers.
About Us
read moreWe provide our dustless floor removal services to a large number of cities in Florida. If you are outside of this area, give us a call to discuss your project so that we can determine our ability to serve you.
Floor Removal Services in North
read moreSpeedy Floor Removal is Florida's #1 provider of dustless floor removal, coating removal, polished and stained concrete, and consultation services for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. For years, we have been removing hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, stone, and more in homes and businesses throughout Gainesville, Jacksonville, and everywhere in between. Our team is made up of friendly and knowledgeable contractors who use our top-of-the-line equipment. With our floor removal services, you can guarantee a dustless and simple floor removal process.
Commercial Floor Removal in North
read moreSpeedy Floor Removal is dedicated to protecting what matters most to your business and the business of your clients! Remodeling projects create pounds of dust particles meaning plastic and tape are not the solutions when it comes to capturing these particles. Trapped dust will only continue to settle all around the business, even months after the project is finished. Ensure that your business is protected before, during, and after your floor removal project with Speedy Floor Removal! Your business deserves floor removal services that completely eliminate the dust while providing a thorough removal of your old flooring.
About Speedy Floor Removal
read moreSpeedy Floor Removal is a floor removal and floor preparation company located in North Central Florida. Our professionals are a unique set of contractors. Our effective training, knowledge, and motivation combined with our considerate client support and high moral character are the ideal qualities for enabling us to really stand out in the industry. Another top priority of ours is also a rarity: we always want you to feel comfortable with us in your home. Read what our Angie's List customers have to say about our team and then compare our team with whomever else you might consider using.
Hardwood Floor Removal in North
read moreSpeedy Floor Removal is dedicated to protecting your home. During a remodeling project, pounds of dust particles are created-which not only is tough to clean but it can also be dangerous to your health! When you need your hardwood flooring removed, don't let your home get destroyed with a DIY project, count on the floor removal experts at Speedy Floor Removal. Our hardwood floor removal service uses the best equipment on the market so you can have a dust free home and an easier home remodel. Our team works with homeowners throughout Gainesville, Jacksonville, and everywhere in between.
Carpet Removal in North & Central
read moreHome renovations can be a headache. Carpet removal can be an especially big hassle as carpet is cumbersome, heavy, and can upset the air with dust and other allergens. DIY projects that require you to remove old carpet often take time and can be hard on your back and joints, causing lasting pain. Speedy Floor Removal can save you time, pain, and mess with our latest technology and specialized process. To learn more about our carpet removal services in North Central Florida, give us a call today!
Tile Removal Across North & Central
read moreIf you're renovating your bathroom or kitchen, flooring can make or break your new space. However, what many homeowners don't know is removing your current flooring and interior can be one of the most tedious tasks. Removing and disposing of your current flooring is timely, messy, and exhausting. At Speedy Floor Removal, we eliminate all three of those concerns. Our dustless tile removal services can remove your tile and dispose of it properly. Not only do we provide tile removal services, we also remove carpet, paint, hardwood flooring, and more!
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