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Preschool in Roanoke, VA
Preschool in Roanoke, VA We're called into God's world for service. God's gives spiritual presents that are to be exercised in God's kingdom. To that end, we'll use our presents to serve humanity with empathy and compassion. The care for all that God has made extends to every corner of the world, every kind of our lives. Browse the pages of the service menu to discover how this community seeks to serve in our congregation, in our local community, people around the globe, and throughout all of creation.

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8115 Williamson Road
Roanoke, VA
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read moreSt. Philip Lutheran Church is about connecting - connecting to the God of Grace who gives love unconditionally, who through Jesus Christ calls people to live good news, who through the Holy Spirit is present always, and who lives relationally with all people indiscriminately and openly. St. Philip is a faith community that seeks to live out God's grace in genuine, honest, and faithful ways. That means connecting to God by connecting to one another. St. Philip is connected to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, through whom we live out God's grace in an even wider circle.
read moreI love to laugh, I love everything sports, I love learning new things, I love traveling, I love family and friends, I love St. Philip. I have been privileged to serve with this great community of faith since the year 2000. Pride may be sinful, but I unabashedly confess I am proud of the church we are together. I am always excited about what new thing God is doing with us and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us today. Search me out so we can discover today's joy together. My passion for ministry centers around stories, how we can better understand one another's stories and together learn about and experience God's story of love and grace for us all.
read moreEach child is an integral stakeholder in the world we live in, and our mission is to empower them with the knowledge that their words, ideas, fellowship and beliefs matter - and that they matter to their Creator. Each child is encouraged to develop their worldview in a way that is both empathetic and responsible - in addition to learning academics and social/emotional skills. Our staff strives to be tour guides in the child's learning while providing a safe and appropriate space for the child to explore, learn and grow.
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