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Theaters & Cinemas in Seattle, WA Tagecraft Industries. Is a leader in the development, manufacture and installation of theatrical equipment, TV studios, and specialized curtains for projects worldwide. With a firm history that spans over eighty years, Stagecraft has gained a reputation for innovative solutions, top-quality products, and exceptional client service. Our staff of skilled specialists continues to lead the industry in stage and studio construction. Our installations can be found throughout the whole continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii. International projects include installations in Thailand.

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5503 Sixth Avenue South
Seattle, WA
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Stagecraft Industries
read moreSince 1960 Stagecraft has provided exceptional products and customer service. Our theater equipment can be found in your local school auditoriums, performing arts centers, churches and studios. We have withstood the test of time and are the most sought after specialty contractor in the western United States. Our district places a very high priority on safety and we are always looking for opportunities to do a better job. The service your company provides us in maintaining our stages is highly valued and we hope to build on that by continuing the safety training each year.
History of Stagecraft manufacturer
read moreStagecraft Industries was originally known as the Stagecraft Shop, a small division of a school supply company. The 'shop' provided equipment for the educational performance space that happened to be sold along with chalk boards and desks. They introduced many innovative designs to accommodate the needs of the educational performance space that also needed to be used as a classroom. Some of these designs such as the Class Act Performer and the Stage-Scope are still used in schools today. During the forties and fifties, the Stagecraft Shop continued to grow, providing stage equipment for large performing arts facilities and more school auditoriums than ever before.
Stage Curtains For Schools
read moreStage curtains serve many purposes. Their primary purpose is to mask, or hide, the backstage area from the audience's sight line. This includes all of the stage lights, rigging hardware, rear and side walls, props and performers. The curtains provide an appealing look to the stage, have sound absorption qualities and can be used for special effects. The Valance and Front Curtain are in the front, called the Front Setting, and usually are a different color that the Rear Setting. They can represent the school's colors, or compliment the color scheme of the auditorium.
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