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Recording Studio in Scottsdale, AZ
Recording Studio in Scottsdale, AZ While quality equipment is essential, achieving superior recordings requires the experience, skills and ears of an ace recording engineer. Greg Vaughan, owner and principal audio engineer at Standing Wave, has been recording ever since the 1st 4-track recorders came out over three decades ago. He's a collaborator who can assist take your project to a higher level. Greg is a musician and singer/songwriter, so he can assist on projects from that perspective too if needed.

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6279 East Wilshire Drive
Scottsdale, AZ
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Standing Wave Music Recording Studio
read moreStanding Wave is an intimate single-room recording studio, geared primarily to small groups, solo artists, and spoken-voice projects. The space is ideally suited for acoustic, blues, jazz, pop, and singer/songwriters. Music schools and music instructors find the studio perfect for students who need demos of their work. Come on in and check us out for your project.
Audio recording
read moreRecording captures the best of what you do. Whether it's a demo or a polished commercial project, you need someone who hears what you express and records it professionally. We select the proper microphones, find the sweet spot for each one, set optimal record levels, and organize recorded tracks so everything makes sense at mixdown. It's called engineering because of the complex equipment and skills required to obtain crystal clear recordings. You perform, we record - really well. Mixing is a distinct step in the recording process.
Standing Wave Music records vocalists
read moreSinger/songwriters come to Standing Wave Music to record their songs, document their craft and make their music available to the widest possible audience. In some cases that might mean sharing a few recorded songs on CD with your friends and family. In other cases, it means fully producing a radio-ready demo in order to make an impression on the music industry. Standing Wave will help you create the product that best meets your needs. We can even help you develop a song structure around lyrics you've written.
Pristine audio recording for a
read moreAs in most things, you get what you pay for in audio recording. The price of equipment has dropped so much in recent years that almost anyone can say they "do recording". In reality, the skills, knowledge and ears of your recording engineer are what determine the quality of your final product. Standing Wave Music provides expert recording and engineering at a reasonable fee. Ultimately, what you want is a recording to be proud of years from now. You get that at Standing Wave.
Description of Standing Wave Music
read moreStanding Wave is a fully professional recording studio in terms of look, atmosphere, and equipment. It is small by some standards, but we think of it as intimate. A single room arrangement like ours has advantages. The recording engineer works directly with you in a relaxed setting. Larger studios, with the two-way glass and control room configurations, can intimidate clients, especially ones who are new to recording or just developing as artists. Communication and encouragement are much easier face-to-face.
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