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Cleaning Services in Boston, MA We aspire, with our friendly client service team and our professional technicians, to give you finest cleaning solutions while using the correct method for each one. In order to give you what you need and want under your specific circumstances, we currently have a thorough inspection process, which only after we recommend you of the right solution, in our view.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Boston
read moreKeeping your floor clean is an important part of maintaining a beautiful home, and you do your best to clean the floor tiles, but what about the grout? When it's not cleaned regularly, the grout accumulates dirt, grease and other kinds of residue that doesn't come off easily and gives the floor a dirty look, even after cleaning. This happens usually in damp areas, such as bathrooms, and areas in the house that are frequently used, such as kitchens. The experienced professionals of Star Carpet Cleaning guarantee you a thorough and powerful tile and grout cleaning that will remove stains, marks, mold and mildew, for a sparkling clean floor.
Upholstery Cleaning Boston
read moreEveryone has that favorite chair, or spot on the sofa, that they love to sit in and relax at the end of a long day. But would you still lay your head there if you saw what was going on beneath the surface? At Star Carpet Cleaning we know how much you care about your upholstery, and we want you to rest your head on a clean and comfortable surface. Star Carpet Cleaning's upholstery cleaning technicians are expertly trained in all types of fabric care. So whether your favorite surface is cotton, silk, micro fiber, suede or one of the many other fabrics available, Star Carpet Cleaning will leave your upholstery allergen free and looking like new!
Boston Carpet Cleaning
read moreAt Star Carpet Cleaning, we know that your carpets see heavy, rolling traffic that brings in messes of all sizes including tough stains, excess dirt, dust, and harmful allergens and germs. These messes leave your entire space looking unkempt and feeling disorganized. At Star Carpet Cleaning, we help you fight away the mess and restore cleanliness with our professional carpet cleaning service. Our service removes the stains, dirt, dust, and germs in your carpet completely. We leave you with a deep clean and lasting freshness that restores the beauty and coziness of your space.
Carpet Repair Boston
read moreCarpet damages come from any number of sources and measure in all sizes and shapes. From small solutions and serious repairs, Star Carpet Cleaning offers you professional carpet repair services. Our repairs fix the problem quickly and completely and strengthen the overall foundation and condition of your carpets. Damages to your carpets come from any number of sources. Heavy, rolling traffic on a regular basis wears down the adhesion of the glue or staples between the carpet and the flooring which leads to buckling.
Rug Cleaning Boston
read moreLike all valuable, luxurious items, most fine crafted area rugs get passed down from generation to generation in a family. Fine rugs, with their designs, colors, and yarns, tell beautiful stories that add depth and richness to your space. In order to preserve the look and glory of the fine rug, it requires regular cleaning treatments from an experienced company. At Star Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in offering our fellow Bostonians with a professional rug cleaning service. Our service effectively removes all messes without damaging the original and natural qualities of the rug.
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