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Doctors & Clinics in Phoenix, AZ Our clinic serves the Phoenix-metro area from our offices in Phoenix and Mesa. Stefan D. Tarlow, MD has over twenty years of knowledge in treating injuries and diseases of the knee. Dr. Tarlow is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in knee surgery. He is a professional in routine knee care and excels with complex knee conditions. Dr. Tarlow is a leader in Phoenix Knee Replacement surgery. He is a Dr. James R. Andrews fellowship-trained Arizona Sports Medicine doctor with extensive clinical experience surgically reconstructing ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries.

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2122 East Highland Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
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Stefan D. Tarlow
read moreSince then I've spoken to people from all around the country about my experiences. All of whom as soon as they hear me mention his name would perk up and respond with some type of comment similar to "Wow! you had the best!" I truly feel, and know, I truly did have the best! Hi Dr. T! Almost two years out now from my mako + ACL surgery. Pain is almost gone! I'm doing yoga, lifting weights spinning and planning a 5 day backpacking trip in September. I am happy to say the surgery is a success. Thank you for everything.
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read moreDr. Tarlow's practice model is based on a one on one patient contact allowing time with patients as a function of the complexity of the problem leading to complete evaluations resulting in accurate diagnosis and ordering of only necessary tests. Health Care Laws, Insurance Carrier Directives and Hospital Mergers aim to provide high volume care by "Busy Doctors" (defined as Patients' time with their doctors being decreased, time with PA's and NP's being increased) which will lead to increasing the probability of incomplete evaluations, more errors and misdiagnoses, more inappropriate treatment, more radiographs and lab tests.
Volleyball Knee Injuries
read moreKnee injuries frequently occur in volleyball players because they are always jumping or colliding with other players. Some people sustain knee injuries participating in high school volleyball and other people play well into their life before they twist their knee in a bad way. If misfortune strikes you and you sustain a volleyball knee injury Advanced Knee Care can help. What comes next? What does it take to get you back on the court? You are on the web looking for answers to these and other questions.
Soccer Knee Injuries
read moreSoccer is the world's most popular game. Players and spectators are zealous. Like them, you are an avid participant in the game known around the world as "football". You play in leagues year around - both indoor and outdoor. You have seen other unfortunate soccer players suffer knee injuries and at times you wondered if it will happen to you. Finally, it does. Now you are that unfortunate player that was just assisted off the field with a knee injury while playing soccer. You are here on the web, searching, trying to learn as much as you can about what may have happened to your knee.
Skiing Knee Injuries
read moreKnee injuries are all too common among skiers, young and old, novice to expert. Typically knee ski injuries happen to those a touch out of shape, at the end of a hard day of skiing, or to the elite skiers that like steep and fast. Now bad fortune has come down on you while up on the mountain. The Ski Patrol came to your aid and took you on the toboggan ride down to the first aid station. You are here on the web, searching, trying to learn about your knee injury. What comes next? What path do you need to take to get back to skiing again?
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