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Law Firm in El Cajon, CA If you need an expert San Diego individual injury lawyer to assist you deal with the aftermath of an accident or a business attorney to aid with any business matters, call the Law Offices of Steven A. Elia, APC today. Mr. Elia has assisted a huge array of business and individual injury customers in the greater San Diego area and has gained a reputation with customers and peers in the legal community as a tireless worker with a thorough understanding of business and individual injury law.

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Steven A Elia Law Office
read moreIf you were injured because of someone else's negligence, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses. And if you're in the San Diego area, we urge you to contact our personal injury attorneys to discuss your case immediately. Insurance adjusters are hired and trained to minimize your injury claims and pay you as little as possible. A personal injury attorney can get you what you deserve. Our attorneys have nearly 40 years of combined legal experience representing the injured like yourself in San Diego and beyond and have obtained some of the largest awards in the San Diego area.
About Us
read moreFor nearly two decades, our team of personal injury, civil litigation, and business attorneys have been recognized for the positive results we achieve in helping people resolve their injury claims, navigate corporate legal transactions, and prosecute or defend their cases in court. Our unique collaborative approach to legal services means you benefit from the perspectives and experience of one or more attorneys assigned to your case - as well as the assistance of paralegals, investigators, and experts.
San Diego CA Civil Litigation Attorney
read moreElia Law Firm, APC in San Diego loves "playing chess" and has successfully litigated civil cases in state and federal courts since 2001. With a combined 4 decades of legal experience under our belt fighting for clients on both sides. That means if you're sued, we can help defend you. Or if someone has caused you harm, we can help you file your civil lawsuit and prosecute the responsible party. In addition, if you're at a stalemate and want to avoid trial, we can help you resolve your case through mediation to help save you the high cost of long protracted litigation and trial.
San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers
read morePersonal injury can cause devastating medical complications and financial woes, and we know how stressful this can be for victims and their families. Luckily, personal injury victims in California have many rights when a negligent actor causes them injury. A San Diego personal injury attorney can help them get the compensation they deserve. That's where we come in. We are experts in all aspects of personal injury litigation and the list of cases we accept are below. Our client-focused practice doesn't skimp on what's important.
Jeremy Cronin
read moreJeremy R. Cronin is an attorney with Elia Law Firm, APC. His practice focuses primarily on personal injury, general liability and commercial litigation. Mr. Cronin has represented an array of clients, including both plaintiffs and defendants in California state and federal district court. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Cronin was an attorney at a number of local insurance defense firms. Throughout his legal career, he has successfully resolved numerous cases involving complex business, personal injury, and professional liability matters, as well as various other issues.
Maura Griffin
read moreSince 2009 Ms. Griffin has assisted our office in handling complex civil litigation cases in state and federal court including, but not limited to personal injury and business disputes. She has extensive experience appearing at hearings, depositions and trials. In addition to her civil practice, Ms. Griffin also handles administrative and criminal cases. Prior to practicing law, Maura Griffin was a full time private investigator for many years assisting other attorneys with their cases. As an attorney, she now applies these investigative skills to our firm's cases.
Holly Attiq Semaan
read moreHolly Semaan joined ELIA LAW FIRM, APC in February of 2007 as a receptionist. Ultimately, Mrs. Semaan was hired as an associate attorney at Cooley, LLP, a prestigious international law firm. In 2013, she rejoined our team but this time, as an attorney. She has extensive experience with personal injury negotiations and various business transactional matters. In 2019, she became a shareholder at the Elia Law Firm, APC. Known for her attention to detail, Mrs. Semaan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her cases.
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