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Accountant in Boston, MA Stuart Goldman, CPA brings accounting solutions to a new standard of professional excellence. Our customers pay the lowest amount of tax allowed by law. In addition to accounting, income tax preparation, and business consultancy services, we make college affordable with financial planning for parents of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Starting a new business? Come talk to our skilled certified public accountants. Your intial consultation is free but our advice is priceless! When you become a customer, we'll design a service plan to help in your buisness development and meet your specific requirements. Our customers include architects, engineers, attorneys, doctors, professional services providers, real estate investors, the self-employed and many others.

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New Business Consulting
read moreIf you are just getting started in business, we can help you create a financial system that will set you up for success. With effective accounting records and tax planning in place, you can monitor your business and make adjustments before trouble strikes or tax surprises catch up to you. We have helped many companies throughout the greater Boston area and the North Shore take full advantage of tax incentives and savings available to their business. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.
Corporate Accounting and Taxes
read moreYou work hard to make your business successful and you deserve a CPA with the expertise to help make that happen. At Stuart Goldman, CPA, we provide tax planning, accounting support, and advisory services that help small and mid-size companies save money and make good decisions. Planning for taxes should start long before you have to pay them. We review your books throughout the year to ensure that you are always in the best possible tax position. And whenever you need advice on business decisions, you can call on us.
Accounting Software Consulting
read moreOnce you have a great accounting software system, you need to know how to get the most out of it. We teach you how to use the system and streamline the information you get from it to make it easier to do financial planning and prepare tax returns.
Individual Tax Preparation
read moreThere is a simple trick to saving money on April 15th: Plan ahead. Come see us and we will show you how. If you have fallen behind in filing returns or paying what you owe, we can help you catch up.
Don't Ignore a Letter from the
read moreI was visiting one of my clients the other day when the mail came and -wouldn't you know it? I went on to explain that the employee would not be surprised to hear that the IRS would be reaching deep into his wallet. They do send out warnings long before they take action and obviously this man ignored those warnings. Ignoring the IRS is only going to make them mad. And when the IRS gets mad, you go home with half a paycheck. If you are struggling with IRS problems, please contact me and I will help you work out a solution.
Too Old to Pay Taxes
read moreI work with several financial planners. One called recently with an unusual question. He had met with a new client and discovered the man hadn't filed his tax returns in 6 years even though he owns property and collects rental income. An interesting wrinkle (no pun intended!) was that the man happens to be 103 years old. The planner wondered: should this man be filing tax returns? Technically, rental income needs to be reported and tax returns should be filed for that purpose. Without seeing any numbers, I can't speculate as to whether any taxes would be due.
Meet Stuart
read moreI started this firm in 2002 in order to provide personalized services to companies and individuals. My approach is to listen to you and help you identify how to strengthen your financial position. My background in both public and private accounting gives me a unique perspective into the financial, tax and business needs of your company. Prior to starting my own firm, I was Tax Manager at a busy, mid-sized Boston CPA firm. Later, I worked as an Implementation Consultant to architects and engineers at a Boston-area consulting firm, along with other jobs in public accounting and private industry.
Outsourced CFO
read moreIt is often said - especially around my house - that a CPA doesn't make a good carpenter, plumber or electrician. But we do make good CFO's. I am currently the CFO for Donham & Sweeney - Architects of Boston and I have worked in similar capacities for other firms, particularly in the architect/engineering industry. I spend two days each month at Donham & Sweeney's offices and I am available by phone and email during other times of the month. I help manage their cash flow, financial reporting and project oversight.
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