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Cleaning Services in Seymour, CT The professional cleaning that your carpets will receive, will allow you to feel confident that the appearance and longevity of your carpet are extended and protected In addition, professional cleaning provides a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.

Some simple steps will protect and prolong the enjoyment of your freshly cleaned carpets:

1. Your carpets will be protected by the installation of protective tabs or blocks underneath the legs or base of all wooden or metal furniture.

2. How long your carpets takes to dry depends upon many things within your indoor environment; including humidity, air movement, the degree of soiling that was within the carpet, and your instructions to our technicians. We ask of you to refrain from subjecting your carpets to extreme traffic or usage until the carpet is completely dry. This usually will occur within 1 to 12 hours.
3. Children and pets should be kept off the freshly cleaned carpets for 6 to 12 hours after cleaning.

4. If you have a fabric or fiber protection process applied following the cleaning, you should allow 24 hours of cure time prior to allowing full usage and traffic on the carpet.

5. You will be reminded before, during, and after the job is completed, that walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery. We provide you and your family with protective booties.

Please be assured that our trained technicians will use the utmost care and selection in providing you with a thorough cleaning job. As a concerned citizen of our community, we strive to protect your family's living environment as well as the environmental balance of
our neighborhood.

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Carpet Care
read moreOutlining Oriental, Area Rugs, Wall to Wall, Commercial Carpeting & Specialty Floor Matting.

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning
A thorough inspection is required with these types of rugs due to the varied styles, compositions, rug construction, age & condition, and origin of where the rug came from. A Pre-Cleaning Inspection of Rugs - Pre-Qualifying the Cleaning Methods & Colorfastness & Shrinkage Test. Fibers & Dyes are depict in their classification, Rug Construction is of importance in order to pre- determine the Method of Cleaning and the correct handling and drying procedure to use.

Wall to Wall (Residential Carpet)
From your normal day to day usage of your carpeting to the Stains, Odors, or other types of damage, we come to the rescue. Our regular maintenance service provides each of our clients with confidence and the feeling of comfort knowing that their carpets have been cleaned thoroughly, sanitized or deodorized if needed. With added Protection to their carpet, we provide plastic tabs and foam blocks for furniture, booties for walking safely on the carpet surface without tracking soils, and applying carpet protection to the fibers to resist spots and prevent stain damage as well.

Commercial Carpet Maintenance:
Retail Stores
Banquet Facilities
Dinning Rooms
Office Sites
Day Care Facilities
Health Care Facilities
Hotels / Motels
Concert Halls
Gymnastic Matting
Astro Turf
Campers & RV's
Outdoor Decking


Obbie Pet
Glastonbury, CT
read moreWe have a high end white leather sofa which was stained with red dye which leached out from throw pillows. Our cat was peeing on the pillows which created pee smell as well as dye on the couch. I called around several shops and finally called the cleaning chemical supply company. I asked if they knew of anyone who could clean leather. They gave me Mark's name. The result was nothing short of amazing. Almost no trace of red dye as well as removing the pee smell. I highly recommend Mark to tangle with leather problems. When I say SupremeCare, I am talking about Mark. He is the owner and the expert in leather matters.

Obbie Pet
Sue Henshaw
Trumbull, CT
read moreDear Mark,
It was a pleasure having you in our home to work on our living room set for2 days. The leather looks terrific, and I've never seen a more hard-working individual. You didn't even eat lunch! You truly care about the finished product. Because of our two cats with those claws, don't delete us from your address book!

Sue Henshaw

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read moreIf you have used our service or are a regular customer who avails our services, we provide you useful tips and other informative articles on this blog. This blog has been created to provide insights on the different carpet cleaning methods that are employed by professional cleaners; know what method would work best for your home and how much you should be charged for it. When you have such useful information you can get the best out of any Vancouver based carpet cleaning service. Choosing a well-experienced service in Vancouver for carpet cleaning is a good idea.
Do You Know The Right Way To Use
read moreIt might be tempting to simply order a carpet cleaner and use it to clean carpets in your home. Many homeowners feel that ordering in professional carpet cleaning services is a cumbersome and expensive process. However, simply ordering in a carpet cleaner for home use might not guarantee the right level of cleaning. There are certain methods you need to know in order to clean carpets effectively. There are different models available that help homeowners to clean carpets of varying dimensions. You could even opt for a rental machine or purchase one.
Carpet Cleaning Service
read moreMany home owners often hesitate to employ a carpet cleaning service. Many people feel that the price is high in getting their carpeted areas cleaned every other week or so. However, there are many services that offer competitive rates and professional cleaning services that leave your old or worn out carpets looking as good as new. Here are some tips on how to select the right kind of carpet cleaning service. If you have a small home or apartment, look at carpet cleaning services that work with residential homes mostly.
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