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Massage Therapist in Vancouver, WA Massage is capable to enhance your health in a several important ways. It increases circulation and the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body and aids the body's natural processes of removing toxins, thereby improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients and promoting healing. In addition, it relaxes tense muscles and softens restricted connective tissue - improving array of motion and reversing the chronic injury cycle. Massage releases endorphins which the body relies on to aid reduce pain, increase energy, and foster a sense of highly-being.

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Symmetry Massage And Fitness
read moreMany of the services we offer can lead to some muscle soreness for 24-48 hours, and ‘flushing' your body with water will minimize these effects (as well as promote a general increased level of health and vitality for your body).
About Us
read moreWe at Symmetry have a passion for helping patients and clients achieve and protect balance in their bodies and lives. We love providing deep rehabilitative work as well as assisting people who desire to improve and maintain their daily health and well-being. We approach all bodies with the goal of first achieving symmetry, then working towards optimizing performance of the balanced body. This philosophy applies to intensive rehabilitation sessions, general maintenance massage, and personal fitness instruction.
read moreLong gliding strokes are applied to the body to soothe away stress, increase circulation and revitalize both the skin and muscles beneath. Pressure is given at your comfort level and lotion/oil use is optional (sessions done partially clothed or through the sheet if preferred or applicable). A combination of deep gliding stokes, myofascial techniques, joint movements and muscle energy techniques are applied as needed to restore proper tissue health and structural balance. This type of session is good for those who have chronic conditions, old injuries, limitations in mobility or just prefer deep massage with dramatic results!
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